Best Cat Furniture For Large Cats: Cat Beds and Litter Boxes Disguised as Furniture

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Cat furniture provides your cat with his own space and can be used for litter boxes or beds. Let’s look at the best cat furniture for large cats.

If you have a larger cat, such as a Maine coon, you likely know that you need to take special care when choosing cat furniture. Not all cat trees will stay upright after contact with your sweet and larger feline, and a too-small litter box can lead to disaster.

Luckily, plenty of cat furniture exists specifically for your big-boned friend. From cat beds to cleverly disguised litter boxes, to cat trees and bridges, there are many options from which you can choose.

The Benefits of Cat Furniture

While cat furniture is not quite as essential as food and a litter box, it is not far behind in enriching your cat’s life. Cat furniture can provide your cat with plenty of enrichment and opportunities for engagement. Furniture for large breeds provides additional benefits.



Your cat may indicate boredom by getting into stuff they should avoid and causing general trouble. Since cats have a lot of instincts, they can get bored indoors. So, it is vital to have furniture, such as cat trees, to engage your cat.  

Good for Claws

Many types of cat furniture include a surface that is good for scratching. Cats need to scratch something regularly for their claw health. If you do not provide them with something to scratch, they will select some of your furniture and furnishings for their scratching needs.


Cat furniture also does not need to be ugly. Many pieces can also serve as functional and beautiful furniture for your space. For example, there are litter boxes disguised as cabinets and cat beds doubling as tables.

Space Efficient

These multi-functional pieces also make it easier for a larger cat to coexist with you in a smaller living space. Rather than getting a table and a cat bed, you can get something that takes care of both functions.

Best Cat Furniture for Large Cats: Buyers Guide

With larger cats, there often arises a need for more durability. This necessity is due to a large cat’s claws and teeth. Plus, the increased weight of a larger cat can lead to some durability issues.

Here’s a look at some of the different types of cat furniture on the market, their featurers, uses and some problems they may solve or create. 

Cat beds

Cat beds come in several shapes and sizes. Some are like pillows, while others look like cabinets containing a soft bed in their interiors. Pay attention to what your cat gravitates towards for naps, and try to recreate those qualities in your cat’s bed. A cat’s bed should have some soft components. This outer material and the filling can be cotton or polyester. If there is a hard, structural component, wood is an ideal material. You can also find cat beds that include a scratcher component. 

Cat beds are frequently used throughout the day for catnaps and to recover after play. When choosing a cat bed or furniture that contains a bed, you should consider features such as durability and cleaning ease. If you have an older cat, it may not be the wisest choice to go for something that’s high, as this may cause worsening of mobility issues. 


  • Slipcover
  • Heating pad
  • Waterproof materials

Litter Box Furniture

While most cats are not too picky about their sleeping situation, many cats are quite particular about their litter box. These boxes come in several shapes and sizes. Many people don’t like looking at a litter box in their home all day. As a result, they opt for litter box furniture. These enclosures consist of wood, plastic, or laminate. 

The size of your cat does not impact the material you choose for your litter box. Whether you choose plastic or wood, the most vital aspect of a litter box is the thickness of the materials and the type of litter you use. 

While litter box furniture looks nicer than a plastic litter box, there are some issues with these types of litter trays. Firstly they can be very expensive and may be rejected by the cat. Some people also find that there are issues with odors after a while.


  • Stairs
  • Smell filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Good for big cats
  • May have extra storage
  • The top can double as a table
  • Moisture-resistant

Cat Trees

A cat tree is helpful for your cat’s physical and mental development. Climbing and getting away from the ground help kitties feel safe. Since these are usually so big, they can be like furniture all the time. However, there are several cat trees specifically designed to be furniture. With a cat tree, you likely want to find one with a sisal fabric covering. Sisal is durable and can stand up to big cat claws and teeth. 

The downside to buying a cat tree is that they need to be cleaned regularly and can take up a lot of space. While there are some great-value products on the market, larger cat trees may be expensive.


  • Height; cats like to observe their territory from high up.
  • Protects your furniture
  • Doubles as a cat bed
  • Encourages play

Scratching post

A good scratching post is vital to your cat’s furniture collection. They need to scratch something regularly for the health of their claws and mind. If you do not want the typical scratching post or scratching pad in your home, sculptural scratching post furniture pieces can add some visual interest to your home. If you have more than one cat you may need multiple scratching posts.


  • Good for cat health
  • Good for the health of your other furniture
  • A meeting point for multiple cats
  • A rope cat scratcher is great for a larger cat

Ease of Use

Cat furniture for larger cats is just as easy to use as furniture for smaller cats. The main distinction is that you must ensure the furniture can support your cat’s weight and withstand its claws and teeth.

As for general care, it is easy to keep cat furniture nice and clean. Some wear and tear are natural with cats. However, that does not mean you can not do your best to maintain the well-being of your cat furniture.

You should wipe clean any hard surfaces such as wood or plastic. For some added shine, polish the wood with cat-safe furniture polish.

Having a cleanable cover on cat beds or other soft furniture can make your life much easier. Rather than struggling to clean a coverless item, you can throw the covers in the washing machine.

Cat Furniture FAQs

Here are some questions you may have about cat furniture:

Can I put furniture outside for my cat?

You can put cat furniture outside. Just be sure to get furniture that is meant for the outdoors and can withstand the elements.

What is the best type of furniture for a large cat?

The best type of furniture for a large cat is something that is sturdy and can support their weight. Sisal-covered furniture is also a good option for larger cats.

Do I need more than one piece of furniture for my cat?

It depends on your cat’s needs and preferences. Some cats may be content with one piece of furniture, while others may prefer multiple pieces. It’s best to start with one piece and see how your cat reacts before adding more.


From scratching posts to litter boxes, there are plenty of fantastic types of furniture perfect for your larger cat. With the right items, you can improve your cat’s quality of life and your home aesthetic.

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