Best Escape Proof Cat Harness

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why does my cat hate wearing a collar

It’s common knowledge that walking a pet dog is a standard and wholesome activity. But what about cats? If you’d like to take your cat for a walk, you’ll need to find the best escape proof cat harness for your needs. 

Most household cats are around the same size as miniature dogs, and felines also need daily activity and exercise to be their healthiest selves. So, why shouldn’t cats also be taken for a walk?

Many indoor cats like to stare wistfully out windows at birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. Letting them experience nature firsthand is something many cat owners want. But many dangers and inherent risks deter cat owners from bringing their pets outside.

The solution is to train your cat to walk on a leash. This will take time and patience, as well as a good quality harness that’s escape-proof.

Best Escape Proof Cat Harness for Walking and Traveling With Your Cat

why does my cat hate wearing a collar

Even a well-fitting harness is not necessarily escape-proof, and the idea of your pet wriggling out of their collar and leash and running away from you is a terrifying prospect. For that reason, we’ve put together this guide to finding the best escape-proof harness for outdoor adventures with your cat.

Putting a cat on a lead and walking it around the neighborhood is appealing for some, but you might have skepticism about whether it can work for you. Read below to understand some of the benefits of walking your cat!

The Benefits of Walking Your Cat

There are many benefits to walking your cat! The most important one is that it helps keep them physically and emotionally healthy. 

Many cats in the United States suffer from obesity because of overfeeding and lack of physical activity. Adding walks into your routine can help them shed excess weight. Maintaining a healthy weight leads to healthy joints, muscles, and bones in their later years.

Cats, just like humans, also need mental stimulation to be completely healthy. Just a short walk outside can be enough stimulation to keep them engaged and relieve boredom.

Additionally, walking your cat can help you make friends with your neighbors! Most people are not used to seeing a cat on a leash walk down the street, and you will likely be approached by people wanting to ask questions and admire your cat. 

The only real downside that counters all of these benefits to walking your cat is the potential danger of them running off. This risk is why having an escape-proof harness is essential to have secure and worry-free walks with your cat.

How To Train Your Cat To Walk on a Leash

While many cats are accustomed to wearing a collar, most don’t have experience with a bulkier harness attached to a lead, as it limits their mobility. Try getting your cat used to this feeling in a safe, home environment.

Start introducing your walking gear slowly and with your cat’s favorite treats on hand. If they look at the harness, sniff it, or approach it, be sure to reward them. You want to start creating a positive association with the setup as soon as possible.

Practice getting your cat into the harness and walking around your home before going outside. Your cat’s first venture out of doors might be overwhelming, and you want to help them feel secure with their harness and leash before introducing them into a new environment.

When you first head out the door, keep your initial walks short. Gradually increase your time outside until your cat is comfortable in the new environment. These steps should be practised again and again over many months, don’t rush your cat. 

Best Escape Proof Cat Harness: Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know how beneficial it can be to walk your cat and some tips for walking your cat on a leash, you’ll want to know what kind of harness to buy to keep them safe while exploring the outdoors. This section will cover some of the best features and most common problems to look out for when shopping for a cat harness. 


Look for harnesses that can be adjusted in more than one place to ensure a snug fit in all areas. Lightweight materials are preferable, so your cat can stay cool in warmer weather.

A bungee leash is also a desirable feature that prevents your cat from jerking itself around if it makes a sudden movement or lunges at another animal.


The most common problem cat owners face when selecting a harness is purchasing one that is too big for their cat. Buying one that doesn’t fit properly is setting yourself up for disaster. Be sure to take your cat’s measurements and know the correct size when looking for a harness.

Types of Harness

This section will describe the three main categories of cat harnesses: H-harnesses, jacket harnesses, and vest harnesses. Read on to learn about these different styles and the benefits and drawbacks of each.


An H-Harness is shaped like the letter H when laid out on the floor. It is incredibly lightweight in design and will be the least restrictive for your cat. Most are adjustable. These harnesses are very secure when they are correctly fitting. However, many cats can wiggle out of an ill-fitting H-harness, which means this may not be the ideal choice for walking your cat.

Jacket Harness

A jacket harness is a safe and secure option that offers much more coverage than an H-harness. The design wraps around your cat’s whole neck and body, making it completely escape-proof. Jacket harnesses tend to be bulkier than other types, which makes them less than ideal for walking in warmer weather.

Vest Harness

A vest harness is much more secure than an H-harness. They thoroughly hug your cat’s body, making escape nearly impossible when you’re walking them outside.

The main downside to a vest harness is that it needs to go over your cat’s head for them to wear it. Many cats are resistant to having things go over their heads. With training, however, they can get used to the feeling and accept it. 


Walking your cat can be an enriching activity for you and your pet and can help foster the bond between you two. You’ll want to minimize risk and keep your cat safe during your adventures, so it’s essential to have a well-fitting harness from which they won’t be able to escape.

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