Best Cat Hair Clippers: Grooming Tools For Cats

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best cat hair clippers

Although cats are natural groomers, they can sometimes need to be brushed and groomed. Let’s look at the best cat hair clippers.

Cats sometimes require help from their owners to keep their long hair from becoming tangled and free from those disgusting hairballs, excess dirt, and dandruff.

Consistently brushing your cat’s hair will keep her coat healthy. It also keeps the skin healthy and encourages the production of natural oils.

Grooming also keeps fleas and ticks to a minimum and helps develop a bond between you and your cat. With all these reasons why it’s important to groom, the next question is what grooming tools are best for your cats. What are the best cat hair clippers or brushes that will keep your cat’s hair healthy, shiny, and smooth?

The Benefits of Grooming

Trim Dangerous Claws

Cats use their claws for many reasons – playing, grabbing, climbing, and fighting are just a few. So their claws are very important. However, when their nails grow too long, they become very sharp and dangerous – not only to your cat but to everybody else and other pets.


Fewer Hairballs

Although some cats have more issues than others with hairballs, hairballs are a pain for both cat and cat owners. Cats groom themselves by eating their hair, but if your cat swallows too much of their hair it can cause them to choke or have digestive issues.

Of course, hairballs are as much agitation for you, especially since you’re constantly cleaning them up. Regular grooming removes excess fur and helps cut down on shredding.

Reduce Matted Hair

Cats are natural groomers, but even the best can’t prevent their hair from matting. At worst, matting can cause hair loss, pain, and skin issues. At the least, it keeps your cat’s fur from looking healthy and smooth. Matting also reduces the ability of your cat’s hair to produce natural oils that keep their hair and skin healthy. Consistent grooming prevents matting.

Reduce Allergies

Many people have allergies to cat hair, or better yet, cat dander. It’s not so much the hair that people are allergic to – it’s the dander. Dander is dead skin cells located on the cat’s scalp.

When the cat scratches their fur, these dead skin particles fall off. Prevent dander from spreading by regularly grooming your cat. Not only will your cat be happy, but people will visit more often.

Removal of Parasites

It can be frustrating and upsetting for pet owners to notice fleas, ticks, and other bugs crawling around their pet’s fur. Your cat doesn’t like it either. It causes constant itching, scratching, and licking.

You can reduce the influx of parasites in your cat’s hair by regularly giving them a bath and grooming your pet. It will do wonders. You can also use flea and tick medicine to help remove annoying insects.

Reduce Shredding

Shedding is a part of every pet’s life – a big part, especially during certain months or times. It’s also a big part of your household cleaning duties. When your cat sheds, you’ll know it. You’ll find hair throughout your house. One way to reduce the amount of shedding from your cat is to groom it regularly.

Bonding Time

Regular grooming can develop a stronger bond between you and your cat. Grooming can also help reduce the anxiety your cat may feel toward other people. 

Best Cat Hair Clippers

Some may prefer to trim their cat’s hair or brush it. But sometimes clippers are best as they are beneficial in removing matted hair, knots, or severe hardballs.

When purchasing a clipper, it’s important to understand what material is best. The best cat clippers are the full-size and full-powered ones. You want clippers that are durable with a sturdy grip. They should also have a safety stop guard so you won’t clip too much or go too deep.

It also should have a locking mechanism, and it helps to have a replaceable blade. Also, ergonomically designed clippers will help the grooming process be much easier for you and your cat – no more awkward positions.


The type of clipper you use will depend on the cat and its needs. 

  •  Clippers are more powerful than trimmers.  
  • Clippers can be cordless or corded.
  • They come in various speeds: single-speed, two-speed, and five-speed.
  • Clippers come with a standard 10 blade – also known as an A5 blade. 
  • The A5 blade, known as the “lion cut,” is the most popular. 
  • For extremely matted hair, a 30 blade is preferable.

Types of Clippers

1. Corded Clippers 

2. Full-size, full-power two-speed clippers are lighter and quieter than most clippers. 

3. Cordless clippers – most are A5


Along with your trimmer or clipper, have a brush handy. Since a cat’s hair is thinner and more delicate than a dog’s, it may be difficult finding the right brush.

Make sure you have one that is durable and thick enough based on the type of hair your cat has. Make sure the brush works well on matted hair without tearing the hair. Get a brush that can remove shredded hair.

  • Slicker brushes are the most popular. They are designed for ease of brushing. The brush has thin teeth and is perfect for medium to thick hair.
  • A mitt brush has the shape of a glove or mitten. The palm area is designed with soft teeth and works for all kinds of fur.
  • Shedding comb helps remove tangled and dead hair.
  • Shedding blades are great for long hair. It removes shredded hair as well as dander.

Be sure your clippers, brushes, and blades are easy to use, clean, and replace. If your cat has sensitive skin, bathe them more frequently, brush more often and use medicated treatment to help alleviate any skin issues before and after grooming.

Problems With Clippers

A dull blade will catch or grab the cat’s thinner coat. So, make sure the blade is sharp so it can trim smoothly and easily. However, a sharp blade can pose other problems – for you and your cat. Sharp blades cut easy. Be careful that you don’t nip yourself or the cat.

Another problem with clippers is that you may have some difficulty finding blades for the clipper of your choice. Also, clippers tend to be noisier than trimmers which can scare your cat.


Treat your cat with care and groom them regularly. It will keep your cat’s hair and skin in healthy condition, keep you from constantly cleaning up hair and furballs, help you notice any underlying health conditions, and it’s a great way to bond with your cat. 

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