Out of Sight Litter Boxes: 5 Tips to Help you Create a Private Toilet Area for Your Cat

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out of sight litter boxes

 If you’re looking for out of sight litter boxes, there are plenty of decorative pieces on the market. With a bit of easy DIY, you can make your own. Here are five tips on creating a private toilet area for your pet.

Cats have a natural aversion to going to the toilet where they eat or sleep. If your cat doesn’t like how her litter box looks, feels, or smells, she will find somewhere else to go, which could be in your plant pot.

Cats are fastidiously clean creatures and sometimes avoid dirty litter boxes, so you’ll need to regularly clean your pet’s litter box. Cats are also relatively sensitive and like a quiet, private place for the litter box. If your cat doesn’t feel secure when using the litter tray, you may end up with an unclean home. The following tips will help you create a private toilet area for your cat while giving you some ideas for out of sight litter boxes.

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1. Location, location, location

A cat’s litter box needs to be placed in a quiet corner of the home where your pet can have some privacy while she does her business. Quiet is key here – don’t place the litter box near a washer and dryer, in an area where there is constant traffic, or by a drafty window. The litter box shouldn’t be so far away that your cat has to run a marathon just to get there. You may have to experiment with different spots around your house until you find one that works best.

2. Keep it clean

Cats are very sensitive about their bathroom behavior and will avoid using a litter box that is dirty or has too strong a smell. Scoop the litter at least once a day (a clump every time is even better) and completely empty, wash, and dry the box weekly.

3. Size matters

The size of the litter box should be big enough for your cat to turn around comfortably. It shouldn’t be unnecessarily large if you have a small cat, or you’ll just end up with more cleaning to do. Buy the right size box for your cat.

4. The box itself

Some cats prefer covered litter boxes as they feel safe and hidden, while others don’t mind using a litter tray as long as it’s in a quiet location. Be sure to buy a litter box with at least one side lower than the others so your cat can easily step in and out. Also, if you have more than one cat, purchase multiple litter boxes.

5. How to hide a litter box: Out of sight litter boxes

Litter boxes are large and unsightly, which is why most people don’t want one in their living room. Here are some ideas which will allow you to hide your cat’s litter box:

Out of sight litter boxes: The bathroom is a great place to hide a litter box, but be aware that some cats won't like the noise from washing machines or dryers and may be put off using the litter tray.

Place in your own bathroom

If you have space in your bathroom, you may like to keep your cat’s litter box hidden in a corner.

Hide the litter box behind a door

You may be able to hide your cat’s litter box behind the door of your linen closet or cupboard. If you decide to go this route, make sure your cat can still easily enter and exit her litter box.

out of sight litter boxes

Use a plant to hide the litter box

Put a large plant in front of the litter box to give your cat a sense of privacy while still allowing you to access it for cleaning easily. When choosing a plant, you’ll need to be aware that many common houseplants are toxic to animals. Choose one that’s safe for cats. It may also be a good idea to cover the plants soil with a layer of stones to stop your cat digging in the pot. Check out the ASPCA website for a complete list of plants that are toxic to cats. 

Buy a corner litter tray

Corner litter trays are triangle-shaped to fit in an out-of-the-way location in the corner of a porch, utility room, or bathroom. You can place a corner litter tray behind a piece of furniture or a plant as long as you can easily access the tray for cleaning purposes.

Outdoor litter box

If you have a small garden, you may like to buy or build an outdoor litter box for your cat. Your cat is likely to go to the toilet outside, anywhere she can dig a hole, so many people find that their pet doesn’t use an outdoor box. Encouraging your cat to use a litter box may be a good idea as you don’t want complaints from neighbors when your cat starts digging up their vegetable patch and using it as a toilet.

DIY hidden litter tray

Try buying an attractive tall plant stand with removable shelves or storage bins which you can remove and use to hide the litter box behind. Alternatively, try building your own box and put a litter tray inside.

Purchase a readymade decorative piece

If DIY’s not your thing, you can purchase a readymade piece of furniture that’s been designed especially to hold a litter box. There are so many creative and attractive pieces of furniture on the market nowadays. Some stores even offer custom-made ones with special features for your cat, such as a cubbyhole where the litter box can be placed. Ensure the litter box is easily accessible for you to maintain and that your cat can easily enter and exit the furniture. The benefit of a ready-made piece of litter box furniture is that it may have some storage for keeping items such as a litter scoop and clean litter.

The benefits of out of sight litter boxes

  • Keeps your cat’s litter box contained
  • Keeps dogs and even kids away from the litter box
  • Gives your cat a quiet place to do her business
  • Stops mess being tracked around the home
  • Your cat is more likely to use a litter box that’s in a quiet and secure area
  • Out of sight litter boxes can be disguised to match your home décor
  • Contains odour

Out of sight litter boxes: Final thoughts

If you’ve tried placing your cat’s litter box in the above locations and your cat is still having issues using her litter tray, take her to the vet to ensure there’s nothing medically wrong. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try to relax and remember that cats are very sensitive about their bathroom behavior. Some cats don’t use a litter box if they feel like they’re being watched.

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