Toys to Entertain Cats While at Work

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toys to entertain cats while at work

There are many different types of cat toys on the market. Let’s look at what to consider when choosing toys to entertain cats while at work. 

Unlike dogs, housecats do not usually spend much time in the world beyond their homes. As a result, the only stimulation they experience is within that space.

Play is vital for cats. Playing with them while you are home is easy, but how to keep them entertained while you are out? Read on to learn about the best toys to entertain cats while at work.

The Benefits of Play For Cats

There are several benefits of play for cats of all ages. Playing will help to keep your cat fit and healthy while providing mental stimulation and reducing boredom. Cats that have been encouraged to play as kittens are less likely to have behavior issues and are likely to become more confident. If you have more than one kitten, play can also be a way for them to socialize.

Offers Exercise

A good play session provides plenty of physical exercises. This level of movement helps your cat stay in shape. Regular play helps stave off obesity. Depending on your cat’s age, the physical experience of playing can provide other benefits. 

For older cats, gentle play can help sore muscles and joints while helping cognitive function. Playing is great for kittens because it helps them develop coordination, balance, sensory development, and accuracy. 

Provides Mental Stimulation

While physical stimulation is an obvious benefit of play, you may not know how much playing can benefit your cat’s mental life. Play helps to engage your cat’s hunting instincts. By scratching that itch, your cat can develop mentally in several ways.


why does my kitten only play with me

Certain types of play can improve your cat’s socialization. When kittens play together, they have fun. However, they also learn how to navigate their social relationships.

Even though early socialization is vital, older cats benefit socially from play. Whether they play with you, other cats, or by themselves, your feline friend is developing their social fluency every time they play.

Reduces Boredom and Behavioral Issues

Cats crave stimulation. As a result, a lack of stimulation can make them bored. When cats are bored, they will seek out alternative stimulation, and that search can get them and your breakables into trouble. Since play is a fantastic outlet for excess energy, cats that feel properly stimulated through play usually do not get bored or cause trouble.

Builds Confidence

If you have a nervous cat, know that play can be a great way to get them out of their shell. Play shows a cat that they do not need to be afraid to engage with you or other cats. Over time, use play to build your cat’s confidence. Wand toys, in particular, are a fun option for timid cats.

Toys to Entertain Cats While at Work: Buyers Guide

There is no one size fits all toy for your cat when they are home alone. It would help if you considered several variables when choosing toys. Here is what to look for when buying a cat toy to entertain your cats while you are not home.


Here are some of the features you may like to look for when choosing a toy for your cat or kittens. Remember to shop around to find a toy that’s right for your cat and works well in your home while you’re at work. 

Motorized or Not

Both motorized and non-motorized toys can be intriguing to your cat, especially while you are at work. However, non-motorized ones are sometimes not exciting enough for some cats. While motorized toys can also be too much for cats. Make sure you consider your cat’s preferences and personality type when choosing the toy.

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Durability is vital when it comes to cat toys. Some cat toys are designed to tear apart easily. However, you do not want to leave that type of toy alone with your cat. The broken parts can be dangerous for your cat.


Consider how loud you want the toys to be. Keep in mind how overly loud toys may affect your neighbors. If you have a loud toy, make sure your cat responds to the sound.

Stimulation Type

Cat toys can be stimulating in several ways, including physical and mental. Different things may stimulate your cat. Look for toys that interest your cat.


Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to cat toys. Usually, when you give your cat a toy, they should be supervised. Watching your cats is a bit hard to do while you are at work. You do not want to leave your cat alone with something that may hurt him. Therefore, it is important to only provide cats with toys that will not break easily.

Activity Level

While the whole point of leaving toys out for your cat while they are home alone is to encourage activity, you need to consider how active you want your cats to be while you are gone. Getting some energy out is good. However, you do not want to come home to a house destroyed by a cat chasing an automatic laser pointer.

Types of Cat Toys

There are various types of cat toys, like the seven listed below.


There are several types of puzzle toys you can offer your cats. Some of these take the shape of mats with compartments, while others are cubes where you can hide treats and smaller toys. Puzzle toys engage your cat’s hunting instincts.

Ball Track Toy

A ball track toy consists of one or more tracks in which a ball is trapped. Your cat can smack the ball along the track. Some of these toys have built-in scratch pads or several levels of ball tracks.

Motorized Laser Pointer

This machine automatically displays a laser pointer for your cats to chase when you are not around. A motorized laser pointer is another toy that engages a cat’s hunting instincts.

Motorized Wand Toy

This automatic toy offers your cat the opportunity to play with a wand toy even when you are not around. This toy type can have several different types of attachments.

Motorized Kicker Toys

Cats often have a strong instinct to kick, which is why kicker toys are so great. Motorized kicker toys simulate actual prey since they flop around.


A tunnel encourages running and a space to hide simultaneously. Tunnels come in several varieties. Some consist of a single tunnel, while others have a few interconnected tunnels.

Interactive Rug

You can change an interactive rug to fit the needs of your cat. These rugs are made from carpet fibers which are perfect for scratching, and they can have holes that your cat can jump through.

Toys to Entertain Cats While at Work: Conclusion

Play provides your cat with so many benefits. So, why should they stop when you go to work? Luckily, there are plenty of delightful toys that your cat is sure to love while you work.

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