Best Crystals for Cats: Crystal Healing For Pets

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best crystals for cats

When it comes to helping your pets, sometimes crystals can be just the thing to balance their energies, get them healthy, and protect them from harm. Some of the best crystals for cats include Howlite, Rose quartz, and Clear quartz. 

Although which crystals work best or are preferred differs from person to person and cat to cat, some standard crystals can help your feline friend feel their best.

Let’s look at the best crystals for cats.

Best Crystals for Cats: Crystal Healing for Felines

best crystals for cats

Crystal healing uses gemstones to balance the energies in someone’s life. If you need an extra boost of confidence for a job interview, something to calm anxieties, or a stone to promote good vibes, crystal healing can help. 

Pet crystal healing works the same way as it does for humans. Essentially, you need to set an intention for your crystal so that it can work in a specific way. Then, depending on the size and type of crystal, you can either affix it to your cat’s collar, put it near their water dish, or even just have it in your home. As an added benefit, these crystals can help center you too!

Are Crystals Beneficial for Cats?

Best crystals for cats: A cat will be able to feel the crystals energy and may even choose their own crystal.

Crystals are beneficial for cats, as they are a very low-maintenance way of healing—perfect for felines!. You can lay crystals on your cat to allow them to absorb positive energy from the stone, or you can set crystals near your cats to guard them against sickness and predators.

Think about where your cat tends to spend a lot of time. For example, if she tends to stay on windowsills, consider putting a few protective rocks there to prevent unwelcome visitors or accidents. You can also use crystals to redirect your cat’s energy or remove any evil auras from a pet that likes to travel outside the home.

Remember, cats are intuitive and will usually tell you what crystals they like to be around. Always listen to your animal and follow their lead. If your cat isn’t on board with the crystal work, it could derail things and waste valuable time.

Some general ideas for attracting your cats to crystals include the following.

  • Allow your cat to interact with the crystal on their own to see if they approve of it
  • Slowly incorporate crystals into spots your cat likes
  • Put tiny crystals on your cat’s collar or around their dishes for unobtrusive work

Avoid immersing crystals in your cat’s water dish because some of them can be poisonous to your feline friend. Instead, lay them around the water dish for the effects to work.

Best Crystals for Cats

The following crystals have a track record of doing well for cats. However, since every cat is different, it’s a good idea to do a trial and error to see which one fits best with your furry buddy. It would help if you also made a decision based on what you want the crystal to do, as each has a different purpose.

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Tourmaline Quartz

This impressive healing crystal is excellent at ridding your home of destructive emotions and changing the energy around you and your cat. It’s also a protective stone that can ward off diseases and keep both your cat’s physical body and emotional state healthy.

Tourmaline quartz is an excellent crystal for recently rescued cats. It can erase the bad energy surrounding the cat’s past and help foster a new future. It’s also suitable for older cats who might have some aches in their joints. Shy cats benefit from Tourmaline quartz as the crystal can help them be more confident.

Chevron Amethyst

This healing crystal is one of the best ones to have in your feline-friendly arsenal of tools. Chevron amethyst is a powerful stone that works to heal both stress and actual tangible pain in pets. For example, if your cat fears fireworks, bring out the Chevron amethyst before the Fourth of July celebrations. It will soothe them.

Chevron amethyst is a great stone to heal grief or loss. If your cat has recently undergone a big change, like losing a kitten or other feline friend, you can use Chevron amethyst to help them process and heal from their grief.


If your cat suffers from low confidence, some howlite can help them feel better in no time. This crystal is synonymous with courage and can encourage your cat to be brave in the face of any obstacle.

Howlite is an excellent stone to give a fearful cat, but it can also help keep both you and your cat safe. Scared cats are more likely to lash out, so if you’ve recently adopted a new best friend, it’s not a bad idea to expose them to Howlite to ease their trepidation and get your relationship started on the right foot.

Rose Quartz

If your cat has an abusive past, rose quartz may be what they need to feel better and accept their new home. This crystal is absolutely stellar for erasing very bad energy and fostering an environment of love and acceptance.

Even if your cat doesn’t have an abusive past, it can still be a good idea to incorporate some rose quartz into her environment. Rose quartz is a beautiful crystal that you can put on your cat’s collar or lay around her food bowl.

Clear Quartz

Like rose quartz, clear quartz is impressive in its healing powers and is probably one of the most valuable crystals on our list. One of the other amazing things about clear quartz is that it can boost the power of other crystals, so it’s always a good idea to have some in your house in general.

Clear Quartz goes with anything and everything, so give it a prominent decorative place in your home. You can also line the outside of your cat’s bowl and water dish with Clear Quartz and put a bit around their collar for maximum effect.


If your cat tends to be reasonably hyper, get them some sodalite. This crystal can tame even the most aggressive felines and help balance their energies properly, so they feel calm and relaxed in your presence. You’ll get the benefits of sodalite, too; your energy will be more in line with the cats and present good vibes in general.

Best Crystals for Cats: Final Thoughts

Plenty of different crystals can help you, and your cat flourish. Choosing one or a combination of these crystals can help balance your cat’s energy, keep them calm and safe, and even heal them from physical or emotional wounds. Understanding how crystals work is a powerful way to connect with your cat and invoke good fortune and health throughout their life.

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