Why Do Cats Caterwaul? 4 Common Reasons for High Pitched Yowling

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why do cats caterwaul?

Why do cats caterwaul? There are many reasons cats caterwaul, but mating is the most common one. Cats also meow very loudly if they are in pain or distress or fighting.

When a female cat is in heat, she will emit a loud, high-pitched scream to attract males. This behavior is also seen in male cats when they’re trying to assert their dominance over other males or when they’re chasing after a female. Let’s look at the most common reasons that cats caterwaul.

What is caterwauling?

Caterwauling is the sound cats make when they are in heat or when they are fighting. It’s a high-pitched, screeching noise that can be pretty loud and annoying. Caterwauling is most commonly heard at night during the spring and summer months.

Why do cats caterwaul?

Cats have a wide range of vocalizations, and caterwauling is one of the most extreme. By emitting a loud, high-pitched scream, cats can effectively get the attention of other cats and let them know what’s going on. Here are the main reasons you’ll hear a feline caterwaul:

Why do cats caterwaul? The main reason is to attract a mate.

1. As a mating call

Female cats are calling in a mate when they caterwaul. This behavior occurs when the cat comes into heat and is ready to mate and have kittens. The caterwauling will attract male cats from near and far.

Male cats will respond to a caterwauling female by fighting other males for the chance to mate with her. The victor will then proceed to mate with the female, which takes just 1 to 20 seconds. Female cats will often mate with more than one male, and her litter of kittens will be fathered by multiple males. Each kitten will have fur the same color as the male.

Cats that spend much of their time outdoors will come into heat in the spring and summer months due to increased daylight and warmer weather. The female will remain in heat for about three weeks or until she mates and gets pregnant.

2. Communication

Caterwauling can simply be a way for cats to communicate with each other. Cats are territorial animals that don’t like other felines encroaching onto their patch. They may be trying to say, “I’m here,” or “Back off.” This is usually a last resort for the cat, as it’s generally deafening, but it can be used to scare away potential threats.

3. Pain or distress

Caterwauling can also be a sign of distress. When a cat is scared, angry, or in pain, it may emit a loud wailing noise. Cats may become very vocal due to an illness or injury. If your cat is caterwauling for no apparent reason, take her to the vet for a check-up.

4. Fighting

Your cat may also caterwaul when fighting with another cat. This is usually accompanied by a lot of hissing and growling.

How can I stop my cat caterwauling?

Why do cats caterwaul and how cat you stop them? Keeping cats apart will reduce caterwauling.

There’s not much we can do to stop our cats from caterwauling altogether, but we can try to make it less of a problem. If you have a female cat in heat, keep her inside until she has been neutered. It’s crucial to keep your cat in at night until she has been neutered. This will help to prevent her from attracting unwanted attention from male cats.

Male cats should also be kept indoors, especially at night, until they have been spayed. This will reduce the likelihood that they will father kittens or get injured due to fighting. Male cats that have been spayed are generally more content and make better pets as they are less likely to stray.

If your cat is caterwauling because they are fighting with another cat, try to separate them. This will help to stop the fighting and will also keep your cat safe from injury.


So why do cats caterwaul? The answer is usually a combination of things, but the most common reason is to attract mates. Caterwauling can be a frustrating problem, but hopefully, these tips will help to reduce the noise.

If you’ve ever heard your cat caterwauling and wondered what was going on, now you know!

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