Where Can I Buy Catnip? The Effects of Cat Nip on Cats

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where can I buy catnip

Where can I buy catnip? If you’re looking to purchase catnip for your feline friend, you can find it in most pet stores, online retailers, and even in some garden centers or grocery stores.

Catnip is a perennial herb in the mint family that can be found worldwide. It has long been used as an herbal remedy for humans and cats, but it’s best known as a plant that drives cats wild. However, you may be surprised that only about 50 to 70% of cats are affected by catnip.

With its unique properties and interesting effects, giving your cat this herbal remedy will surely be a hit. It’s essential to consider the safety and dosage of catnip when giving it to your pet. Too much can have adverse effects, so start with a pinch or two and adjust as needed.

This article will answer the question, ‘where can I buy catnip?’ We’ll discuss some of the most popular catnip products available and look at how you can grow your own.

Where can I buy catnip?

Catnip is often called cat mint or catwort but is usually marketed as cat nip for feline use. It has the botanical name Nepeta cataria and is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. There are about 250 varieties of the plant, and cat nip affects wild cats such as tigers and lions and all breeds of domestic cats due to the chemical compound Nepetalactone found in all parts of the plant. 

The plant can be used to stuff cat toys but is also available dried and loose or as a tincture. It also has many health benefits for humans and can be purchased as a herbal supplement or a tea. 

Alternatively, you can buy cat nip seeds and grow your own plants for your cats. Here are some fantastic products which are available from Chewy: 

SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray is a unique way to give your cats extra energy and make playtimes more fun. This catnip spray is made from natural, organic ingredients and is very easy to use. It can be sprayed on various surfaces, including toys, bedding, scratching posts, and more. 

Benefits of SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray

  • Very easy to use, simply spray the product on your pet’s toys and scratch post. 
  • Encourages playfulness even in mature cats
  • Helps encourage your cat to use their scratching post rather than clawing at your sofa
  • This product won’t leave a mess as loose catnip flakes do

SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray is manufactured using 100% natural, organic catnip oil. This means your cats will not only be getting the stimulating effects of catnip, but you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from using an all-natural product.

The spray bottle design makes it easy to apply, and you can use it on any of your cat’s favorite toys, sleeping spots, or scratchers. It can be used during training to encourage your cat to scratch their post rather than your furniture.

Plus, the product is mess-free, and you don’t have to worry about making a mess or having your cats tracking catnip around the house. 

The concentrated catnip oil will last weeks and keep your cats entertained while exploring their environment. The SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray is a great way to keep your cats active and happy!

Frisco Natural Catnip is an all-natural, safe, and healthy treat for cats. This high-quality catnip comes from farms in the USA and Canada and contains only the freshest ingredients. It is also free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives as the plants were grown in a chemical-free environment.. 

Frisco Natural Catnip encourages playtime and promotes a healthy lifestyle for cats while providing them with a safe and enjoyable treat. 

Benefits of Frisco catnip

  • Made from good quality, 100% natural catnip leaves and flower tops 
  • Aromatic with optimal potency 
  • Makes cats playful and helps reduce boredom in housecats
  • Grown in North American without any nasty chemicals or pesticides

Frisco Natural Catnip is an ideal treat for cats of all ages. Its natural formula helps to reduce stress and boredom in cats, encouraging them to be more active. It also can help promote healthy digestion and oral health, as well as providing a safe way for your cat to get the essential oils and vitamins they need. 

The all-natural ingredients used in Frisco Natural Catnip help to ensure your cat is getting the safest and most natural catnip possible. The mild aroma also helps cats to relax while providing an enjoyable experience for the owner and pet.

With its high-quality, safe ingredients, Frisco Natural Catnip is an ideal way to keep your cat entertained and healthy. 

With a fantastic name and packaging that looks like it’s from the 80s, zoom around the room catnip is organic and excellent quality. The Fat Cat brand offers some of the highest quality catnip available, with a strong aroma that cats can’t resist. This all-natural treat is perfect for stimulating play. 

Benefits of zoom around the room catnip

  • ½ oz bag
  • Great value for money
  • Contains the leaves and flowers of the catnip plant
  • Can be used to stuff toys or sprinkled on scratching posts or your pet’s bed
  • Packaged in a zip-sealed bag to lock in the freshness
  • Grown on American catnip farms

Fat Cat Zoom Around the Room Organic Catnip offers several benefits for your cat. It contains the leaves and flowers of the catnip plant, which helps to stimulate play in cats. It is 100% organic, so you can be sure your pet is getting the best.

This organic treat also helps to reduce stress and anxiety in cats while encouraging exercise and activity. Additionally, it is packaged in a zip-sealed bag to lock in the freshness. 

Finally, it is grown on American catnip farms, so you know you are getting a great quality product. These features make Fat Cat Zoom Around the Room Organic Catnip an excellent choice for your pet. 

This adorable little toy is made from soft plush material with a crinkle tail that cats love. The best part is that it comes with a pouch filled with catnip, so you can refill it for your furry friend whenever the scent starts to wear off. 

The toy will surely be a hit with your cat and provide hours of stimulating playtime. It’s also great for keeping cats entertained while home alone or while away on vacation. With its durable material and refillable catnip pouch, your cat will have a blast chasing after this little critter! 

The benefits of Frisco Refillable Catnip Cat Toy

  • A soft, plush toy with a fuzzy texture loved by felines
  • Includes a compartment that can be refilled with catnip 
  • Helps encourage natural hunting behavior in cats 
  • Allows your pet to get more exercise and mental stimulation. 
  • Set includes a vial of quality catnip that’s been grown in Canada
  • The soft toy is washable
  • Can be used with or without catnip

The Frisco Refillable Catnip Cat Toy is perfect for cats who love to play. Not only is it made from a soft, plush material that cats can’t resist, but it also comes with a refillable compartment that can be filled with catnip time and time again. This encourages natural hunting behavior and provides cats with extra mental stimulation. 

The set also comes with a vial of quality Canadian catnip to keep your furry friend entertained for hours. 

These delicious cat treats provide a unique mix of textures, flavors, and aromas that cats crave. The crunchy outer shell helps keep teeth clean, while the soft inner core is packed with irresistible catnip. 

The benefits of Temptations MixUps Catnip Fever Flavor Soft & Crunchy Cat Treats

  • Healthy and 100% nutritionally complete
  • Contains less than two calories per treat
  • Has a crunchy outside and soft inside to keep cats interested.
  • Contains chicken, catnip, and cheese flavors
  • Manufactured with added vitamins
  • Contains the beneficial amino acid taurine to keep your pet healthy

Temptations MixUps Catnip Fever Flavor Soft & Crunchy Cat Treats offer a unique combination of crunchy and soft textures, savory flavors, and sweet aromas that cats love. 

These treats provide an enticing mix of nutrition and joy to keep your cat happy and healthy. They are made with wholesome ingredients like real chicken, cheese, and catnip and are also fortified with added vitamins and minerals. 

With less than two calories per treat, they make an excellent snack for cats of all sizes and you won’t have to worry about your cat gaining weight.

What do I do with loose catnip?

Loose or dried catnip leaves are best used by sprinkling them onto a scratching post or directly on the floor. Your cat can smell the cat nip and may start rolling around in it. You could also try making your own cat toys and adding some of the dried cat nip.

Can kittens have catnip?

Studies show that very young kittens under eight weeks old aren’t affected by catnip and are more likely to be interested in chasing string. Older kittens tend to be more sensitive to the effects of catnip than adult cats, so it’s best not to give them too much at once. Start with a small amount and see how your kitten reacts before giving them more.

When does catnip wear off?

The effects of catnip can last up to 10 minutes, and it will wear off as soon as your cat stops smelling the catnip scent. Cats experience catnip in slightly different ways depending on their personality and level of sensitivity to the plant. 

You may find that your cat displays the following symptoms after smelling or nibbling on catnip:

  • Your pet may sniff, lick or chew a catnip toy.
  • Chin or cheek rubbing
  • Rolling around
  • Increased vocalization
  • Your cat may become slightly hyper or sleepy
  • Euphoria and playfulness
  • Cat nip is a sedative if consumed, but too much can cause diarrhea or vomiting 

How to grow catnip?

If you’re an avid gardener, you may want to try growing your own catnip. Catnip is easy to grow in well-drained soil, with full sun and plenty of space for the plant to spread out. The plant grows up to three feet in height.

Keep in mind that cats are attracted to fresh catnip leaves, so many cats may visit your yard if you’re growing the plant. It’s best to harvest the leaves when they’re young. Once harvested, you can dry the leaves and store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Cats also like cat grass which can be grown and added to your pet’s diet. Cats require a little fiber to stay healthy, and one of these kits will allow you to grow plants on your windowsill for your cat:

The SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Seed Kit is the perfect way to provide your feline friend with a healthy, natural snack. This kit includes organic oat grass seeds that are easy to grow indoors – no green thumb is required! 

Benefits of SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Seed Kit

  • Kit contains everything you need to grow organic oat grass for your cat
  • The seeds are fast growing and take just a few days to germinate and sprout
  • Tasty to felines and helps to add fiber to your cat’s diet to improve digestion. 
  • Can also help reduce furballs
  • Full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients
  • Safer than nibbling on houseplants which may be toxic. 
  • Contains chlorophyll which will naturally freshen your cat’s breath.

One of the great features of the SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Seed Kit is its easy use. All you need to do is spread the seeds and water and wait for them to sprout, which will only take a few days. Once they have grown tall enough, the grass can be left beside your cat’s food dishes or on a windowsill where your cat likes to sleep. As cats are curious creatures, your pet will likely have a nibble of the grass. 

The kit is designed to produce an abundance of fresh, tasty grass for your pet to snack on. This can help reduce the risks associated with nibbling on house plants which may be toxic. Plus, it provides a great source of vitamins and minerals that can improve digestion and freshen breath. 

Overall, the SmartyKat Sweet Greens Cat Grass Seed Kit is an easy and fun way to provide a healthy snack for your pet!

The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Growing Kit is the perfect choice for creating a healthy, natural environment for your feline friends. This kit provides all the supplies necessary to start an organic indoor grass-growing project in just minutes. With easy-to-follow instructions and 100% certified organic ingredients, your cats will enjoy a plentiful supply of fresh, healthy grass in no time.

Benefits of The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Growing Kit 

  • Allows you to grow greens for your cat with ease.
  • A great family activity
  • Grass provides your cat with vitamins A, B, C, E, and K
  • Contains calcium and iron for bone, skin, and teeth health.
  • Chlorophyll will help keep your pet’s breath fresh
  • Folic acid helps improve the health of your cat’s blood.
  • Can also be consumed by small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and reptiles.
  • Seeds germinate in 4 to 5 days
  • Contains a mix of organic wheat, oat, rye, barley, and flax seeds

With certified organic ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, The Cat Ladies Organic Pet Grass Growing Kit makes growing fresh grass fast and easy. The kit contains a mix of seeds soil and containers. 

The seeds will germinate in just 4-5 days and provide your pet with grass that’s full of essential vitamins and minerals, such as A, B, C, E, and K, calcium, and iron. The chlorophyll in grass helps to keep your pet’s breath fresh. 

It’s not just cats that will love this kit either – other small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and reptiles can benefit from eating it too. 


Where can I buy catnip: Final thoughts

Overall, catnip is a popular herb for cats. It’s easy to find in pet stores or online, and you can even grow it at home if you have the time and space. Remember to start with small amounts of catnip when giving it to your cat, and adjust as needed. With its unique properties, catnip can be a great addition to your cat’s life.

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