Why Do Cats Like Bags and Boxes? 2 Great Hiding Places for Cats

why do cats like bags and boxes?

Why do cats like bags and boxes? Cats are sensitive creatures that like to have somewhere quiet and peaceful to hide. Paper bags and cardboard boxes make great places for cats to sleep, play or hide.

There are many reasons why cats like bags and boxes, but two of the main reasons are they are great hiding places and are comfortable. Cats love to hide, and bags and boxes provide perfect opportunities for them to do so. They can curl up in a bag or squeeze into a box and feel safe and secure. This article will answer the question, ‘why do cats like bags and boxes?’ 

Why do cats like bags and boxes?

Why do cats like bags and boxes? Cats enjoy being in an enclosed space.

Don’t be surprised if your cat seems to be drawn to bags and boxes. It’s simply because these objects make great hiding places and sleeping spots for cats. Cats feel safe and protected in a small, enclosed space. A paper bag or a cardboard box can help a stressed cat calm down.

Here are some of the main reasons that cats like bags and boxes. It may be a wise idea to get your cat used to boxes; that way, when you need him to get into a cat carrier for a trip to the vet, he will be less reluctant.

Safety and security

It’s good to provide your cat with an enclosed area to feel safe and so that he has somewhere to retreat to if he feels anxious. This is particularly important if you have multiple cats. A cardboard box will give your cats somewhere they can hide and get away from each other if they feel stressed and want to avoid conflict. Likewise, if you have dogs or children in your home, your cat may like somewhere to retreat if he needs some time alone.


Cats like to be warm and cozy, and paper bags and cardboard boxes make great places for them to curl up and take a nap. They provide insulation against the cold and can be a comfortable place for cats to rest.

The ideal temperature for a cat is higher than the average home temperature. For this reason, you’ll often find your cat lying in the warmest spot, such as beside the fire or radiator, in the airing cupboard, or in a spot of sunshine on the windowsill. A cardboard box placed on a sunny windowsill will act as an incubator, providing warmth and a comfortable place for your cat to sleep.

Why do cats like bags and boxes? Boxes are a fun place to hide.


Cats are curious creatures that like to investigate their surroundings. The thought of squeezing into a small, enclosed space or scrunching up in a paper bag can be fascinating for cats.

Young kittens enjoy playing in boxes, hiding and jumping out at each other, or pouncing on a paper bag that makes an interesting noise. Bags and boxes can help cats stay active; it’s particularly important to provide toys and mental stimulation if you have an indoor cat.

Wild behaviour

Although cats have been domesticated for hundreds of years they still retain some of the behaviour of their wild ancestors. Cats that are hunting will hide and jump out on their prey. Perhaps this is another reason that cats like boxes so much. 

Why do cats like bags: WARNING!

Cats may be attracted to plastic bags that you’ve brought your groceries home in as there may be a lingering smell of food. This is particularly true of bags that have recently been used to carry meat. Ensure your cat never has access to a plastic bag, as these can cause suffocation. They can also cause dental issues or internal problems if chewed or ingested.

Which types of bags are safe for cats?

Paper bags, cloth bags, and catnip bags are the best bags for cats as they are safe and provide a lot of entertainment. If you want to give your cat a bag to play with, try using an old pillowcase or a lightweight cotton bag. These won’t cause suffocation and will provide your cat with hours of entertainment!

It may be best to remove the handles of a bag before giving it to your cat. Cats can become trapped in bag handles if they aren’t being supervised. Cats also love catnip bags; these specially designed paper bags have been infused with the smell of catnip and are loved by cats and kittens worldwide.

Fun ways to use cardboard boxes

Now that you know why cats like bags and boxes, what are some fun ways to introduce them into your home? There are many creative ways to use boxes and bags around the house. Here are a few ideas:

1. Make a cozy bed

The best thing about bags and boxes is that they are already the perfect shape to be used as beds. Just lay down a blanket or a towel in the box, and your cat will have a comfortable place to catch some Zs.

You can make an enclosed cat bed by cutting a hole in the side of a box and filling it with blankets.

2. Use boxes as scratching posts

If your cat is a persistent furniture scratcher, use a cardboard box as a scratching post. You can also put some treats inside the box. Your kitten will have a blast trying to get to the treats, and she’ll be less likely to scratch your furniture in the process. A box can help mentally stimulate your cat, keep young kittens amused and provide enrichment.

3. Make a play area for your cat

Bags and boxes are also great for playing with your cat or kitten. Cut some holes in different sides of the box, and put some favorite toys inside. This will give your cat a fun place to play and hide. 

You can also put a toy or two inside an empty paper bag for some extra fun. Paper bags can be turned into a tunnel for your kitten by cutting off the sealed end.

Why do cats like bags and boxes: Final thoughts

Cats love to hide and feel safe, and bags and boxes provide the perfect place for them to do both. If you notice your cat drawn to these objects around your home, don’t be surprised. Cats naturally like small spaces such as paper bags and cardboard boxes to help them feel protected and calm. You can use this knowledge to give your kitty a safe and secure place to relax or use boxes as fun toys that your cat will love.

While cats like bags and boxes, they often choose places underneath desks, tables, and dressers because they are close to where their human companions tend to be. If your cat is stressed or anxious, consider giving it a designated hiding spot such as a bag or box to provide some security. 

If you are looking for a way to keep your cat amused, try filling a paper bag with some of his favorite toys. Boxes can also be used as makeshift scratching posts and play areas. Check out our article ‘How to Make an Interactive Kitten Toy’ for more creative ideas on using a cardboard box to create toys and beds for your cat. 

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