What Does a Cat Need to be Happy? How to Create the Best Life for Your Cat

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what do cats need to be happy

What does a cat need to be happy? A cat needs more than just food and water to be satisfied. Let’s look at how to care for a cat or kitten correctly!

Cats need to be fed regularly and should always have access to clean drinking water. They also need love, companionship, security, mental stimulation, and regular grooming. Knowing what cats need can help you create the perfect environment for your beloved feline companion.

This article will answer the question, ‘what does a cat need to be happy?’

What does a cat need to be happy?

The basics of a content cat are simple: fresh food and water daily, a litter box that’s cleaned regularly, and plenty of love. But cats need a few other things to be truly happy.  


Cats need companionship as they are social animals and can become lonely if left alone for too long. To keep your cat from becoming bored or developing behavioral issues, consider getting them a companion, such as another cat or a dog. 

Mental stimulation 

A happy cat will also need plenty of mental stimulation and playtime. Providing your pet with interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and scratching posts is vital for keeping their minds sharp and engaged. 


Cats need security. They like to have safe spaces to retreat to when they feel threatened or scared. Designate one room or space in your home as your pet’s “safe place,” where they can go when they need to feel secure. You can also buy an igloo-type cat bed where your pet can hide if he feels threatened. 


Cats must be regularly groomed, especially if your pet is long-haired. Regular brushing and combing of the fur helps keep it clean and tangle-free. It also helps to stimulate blood circulation, which keeps skin healthy and coats shiny. 

Vet checks

Finally, cats need to be kept healthy by having regular veterinary check-ups. This can help detect any potential health problems before they become serious. Additionally, make sure your cat is up to date on all their vaccinations and flea, tick, and worm preventatives. 

What do you need to buy before getting a cat or kitten?

what do cats need to be happy

Before getting a cat or kitten, there are certain items you’ll need to purchase to make sure they have the best start in life. You should get a litter box, food and water bowls, a scratching post or two, some toys, and a bed.

Additionally, you’ll need to purchase cat food, litter, and medications against worms, fleas, and ticks. If you have other pets in the home, you’ll also need to get them vaccinated and up to date on their insect pest preventatives before bringing the new cat into the house.

Introducing a new cat to your home

Once you have the necessary supplies and an up-to-date health record for your new cat, it’s time to get them comfortable in their new home. You can teach your cat their boundaries and how to behave in the house with patience and consistency. 

  • Ensure they have some hiding spots or places to run off to if they need a break from attention. 
  • Provide plenty of toys and climbing posts to keep them entertained. 
  • Ensure you take the time to give them plenty of love and affection so that they feel secure in their new home.


By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your cat has the best possible life! With the right environment, your cat will be content and happy for years.

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