2022 Chinese New Year: The Year of the Tiger

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year of the tiger
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The tiger is one of the symbols of Chinese culture. It represents power, courage, and bravery. Let’s find out what the year of the tiger means!

The tiger is one of twelve animals represented in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Since the tiger is a noble beast, people born in the year of the tiger are believed to have qualities similar to the big cat. In Chinese mythology, a white tiger represented the Emperor of Heaven. This year is the year of the tiger. It begins on February 1st, 2022, and ends on January 23rd, 2023.

People born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022 are tigers. Let’s find out what this means and how people in China and Taiwan celebrate Chinese New Year!

What does the year of the tiger mean?

Tigers are smart and brave. They also happen to be great swimmers!

Tigers are brave, smart, and kind. They will help those in need without seeking anything in return. As such, they are fondly remembered as heroes who care for the weak and helpless. Therefore, it is believed that people born under the year of the tiger have similar qualities.

However, sometimes tigers can be aggressive, which gives people the impression that they are bad-tempered. People born under the year of the tiger will have to watch out for their temper.

Lucky colors for people born in the year of the tiger are yellow, orange, and green. Jade is considered good luck for those born in the year of the tiger, and it may be beneficial to wear a piece of jade jewelry or have a jade ornament in your home. Green represents good health and happiness. Jade also symbolizes wisdom and courage, which are two qualities that people born under this sign should use more often in their daily lives.

Traits of people born in the year of the tiger

People born in the year of the tiger are intelligent and ambitious. They have many friends because their charming personality attracts others. However, they can be impatient, short-tempered, and impulsive at times, so they need to manage their temper. Overall, they are praised as heroes who care for the weak and helpless. However, they can be moody sometimes, which makes them difficult to approach.

How is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

Chinese New Year is a big event, and preparations begin about a week in advance. People will clean their homes from top to bottom before the celebrations begin. Homes are also decorated with red lanterns, FU character posters, and zodiac animal images that represent the coming year.

The celebrations begin on new year’s eve and carry on for seven days. People visit relatives, go to the temple, exchange red envelopes that contain money, and sweep the tombs of their ancestors. 


People born in the year of the tiger are encouraged to wear jade accessories to have access to good health and happiness. Moreover, it is also advisable for them to keep their temper under control.

People born in the year of the tiger will have strong personalities and leadership skills. This year, they should make good use of these talents to make their lives better.

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