Cute Cat photos: The top 3 Cat Feeds to Follow on Instagram in 2022

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I want to introduce three cat Instagram accounts for you to follow (or perhaps two cats and a painting- although I’m sure pinto is inspired by a real cat). 

Pinto is the saddest cat in the world. Munro from Scotland loves hillwalking and seems to go everywhere with her owner, while in America, Baloo regularly catches a ride on a dog’s head. 

Here are three popular Instagram feeds with cute cat photos for you to check out!


sad cat

Pinto is a painted black cat who lives in a beautiful flat in the Primrose Hill area of London. She’s well cared for as she’s fed and stroked all day, so why is she the saddest cat in the world? Her answer; it’s hell! 

It seems that Pinto just wants to be left alone until her owners began working from home, that is. Then she was quite happy to sit on their laptop and dish out a scratch or two. This quirky and entertaining feed will have you laughing out loud. A fun watercolour painting of Pinto accompanies each caption. The feed was started during the coronavirus pandemic when many of us realised that being stuck inside is hell. House cats have had this problem for years, it seems. 

You can read more of this grumpy, funny cats antics on her Instagram page. Whoever runs this page has also come up with some of the longest hashtags I’ve ever seen, #boredinthehouseandiminthehousebored

cats and dogs

I once asked my mum if she wanted to get a dog, she said, ‘I’ll have one with a cat on its head.’ She was referring to Henry and Baloo, an adventurous cat and dog duo who go on long hikes together. Henry, the dog, often ends up carrying Baloo on his head.

Baloo is one cool cat; he’s a rescue cat who thinks he’s a dog. He goes camping, hiking and has a dog as a best friend. Surprisingly this cat knows how to use a toilet, although I’m not sure he’s learned to flush yet, and he doesn’t mind having his fur shampooed.

This Instagram features stunning images from this family who love travel and the outdoors. They’ve visited some amazing places and have a cute menagerie of pets in tow, including a dog, cat, and a horse.


cat photos

Cat walking seems to be a thing recently. I often hear about people walking their cats, although I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cat on a lead. During lockdown, I came across, a cat who likes to go hillwalking. This cat has seen more of Scotland and bagged more Munro’s than many people have.

Munro the #exploringcat has been all over the place this summer with her owner, Aaricia. Check out Munro’s cute Instagram feed, where you’ll see photos of her confidently walking through the countryside, meeting highland coos in Pollok Park, and visiting the iconic kelpies. Aarica, who’s originally from Belgium but now lives in Glasgow, also writes inspiring captions to accompany each image. Each post is about following your dreams, starting your own business, getting out of your comfort zone, and generally living life to the full!

Final Thoughts.....

I wish I had a cat that thinks its a dog. If you’re planning to teach your cat to walk on a lead, take things slowly. Start by letting your cat get used to the harness at home. When you go outside visit a quiet location and don’t go too far from home the first few times, especially if your cat is used to being indoors. 

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