Abyssinian Cat Names: 97 African Inspired Names for Abyssinian Kittens

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Abyssinian cats are a beautiful breed with a rich history. If you’re thinking of adding a new kitten to your family, here are some Abyssinian cat names to consider!

Abyssinian cats are named after the country of Ethiopia, which used to be called Abyssinia. Some people believe that this is where the cats originated from, while others say that the first cats imported to the UK from Africa were born there. 

These cats are found worldwide due to breeding programs that have helped make them popular pets. They are known for their short brown fur, lithe bodies, long legs, and large ears. Abyssinians are also very intelligent and playful animals that make great family pets.

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your Abyssinian kitten, why not try one with an African influence? Let’s look at some great Abyssinian cat names.

Abyssinian Cat Names

Abyssinian Cat Names

Here are some names to get you started. The African language and culture inspire them:

Abeba or Abebe: These are popular names in Ethiopia and other African countries, meaning “flourishing flower.”

Ajani: A Yoruba name meaning “he who wins the struggle.”

Akili: A Swahili name meaning “intelligent.”

Asha: Means “life” in Swahili and is the perfect name for a kitten that’s full of beans.

Kelani: Means “black” in Swahili, while Kijana means “youth” and Zenda means “good.”

Amani: A Swahili name meaning “peace.”

Asante: A Kenyan name meaning “thankful or gateful.”

Babu: A Swahili name meaning “grandfather.” An excellent name for a kitten that seems wise beyond his years. 

Kamau: A Kenyan name meaning “quiet warrior.”

Kwanzaa: A Swahili name meaning “first fruits of the harvest.”

Malaika: A Swahili name meaning “angel.”

Nia: A short and sweet Swahili name meaning “purpose.”

Safiya: Another beautiful Swahili name which is popular for pets and children. This word means “pure.”

Takala: A Kenyan name meaning “brave.”

Tumelo: A South African name meaning “faith.” 

Some other African names that you may like to consider include Bushira, Sumaiya, or Tolo.

Wamika: A Kenyan name meaning “one who brings joy.”

Zuri: A Swahili name meaning “beautiful.” 

Countries in Africa

As you can see, there are many beautiful and unique African names to choose from for your Abyssinian cat. You may even like to name your kitten after a country in Africa. Here are some countries and place names that sound catchy and can be considered as a name for an African breed of cat:

Ivory: You may like to name your kitten after the Ivory Coast, a country in West Africa.

Atlas is also an excellent country-inspired name for a male cat.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

As Egypt is an African country, you may like to take inspiration from the Egyptian gods and goddesses when choosing a name. Here are a few that make great Abyssinian cat names:

Bastet: The goddess of cats.

Horus: The god of the sky.

Osiris: The god of the underworld.

Ra: The sun god.

Inspired by Nature

If you’re looking for something different, why not take inspiration from the natural world? Here are some names that would be perfect for an Abyssinian cat:

Ara: A type of macaw.

Boma or Mbali: Both types of trees that are commonly found in Africa

Dinka: A type of antelope found in Africa. The word sounds like a cute, catchy name for a beautiful feline. 

Serengeti: A wildlife reserve in Tanzania.

 Simba: The Swahili word for “lion,” the king of the jungle. It’s also the name of a popular Disney character. You may also consider naming your kitten Nala, Simba’s best friend. Aslan after the lion from Narnia or Bagheera after the panther in the jungle book. Speaking of the Jungle Book, Mowgli is also a great name.  

Tuli: Another type of antelope found in Africa.

Food-inspired names for a brown cat

Abyssinians or other breeds of brown cats may be named after the following foods: 

Nutmeg: My personal favorite! 

Some other cute names include Cinnamon, pumpkin, Sugarpepper, or even peppermint

Anchovy is also an excellent name for a cat that loves fish. While Mackerel is perfect for a stripy cat. 

Cappuccino or coffee would be an excellent name for a dark brown Abyssinian, and Mocha for a lighter brown cat. Toffee is another purrfect name for a brown kitten, or even caramel or butterscotch. 

You could go with KitKat, Hershey, Rolo, or even Bounty for a chocolate brown Abyssinian. You could also go for Coco, Koko, or brownie.

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not try naming your Abyssinian after a type of African food? Here are some ideas:

Mandazi: A type of East African bread.

Ugali: A dish made from cornmeal that is popular in East Africa.

Matoke: A banana dish that is popular in East Africa.

Injera: A type of Ethiopian bread.

Zimbabwe: A country in Africa that is known for its delicious food. You can call your kitten Zimba for


Famous Africans

You may also like to take inspiration from famous Africans when choosing a name for your Abyssinian. Here are some famous people who would make great namesakes.

You could choose to use their first name or surname as a name for a kitten:

Nelson or Mandela: Nelson Mandela was a South African political leader who fought for civil rights. He was also the country’s first black president. 

Desmond or even Tutu: Desmond Tutu was a South African social rights activist and retired Anglican bishop.

Wangari Maathai: A Kenyan environmentalist and political activist. She was also the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Both Wangari and Maathai make great names for cats.

Barack Obama: The 44th president of the United States. He is of Kenyan descent. Choose either Barack or Obama to honor the president. 

Kofi Annan: A Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations. Kofi is a lovely name for a cat, but you may prefer to go with Annan.

Other names to Consider

Maverick: The perfect name for a rebel cat that refuses to follow the rules.

Surya: Meaning “sun” in Sanskrit; this would be a lovely name for a brown or orange Abyssinian. Autumn is also a nice name for a brown cat that looks slightly orange or a kitten born in the fall. 

Kamal: A Hindi word meaning “lotus,” this would make a beautiful name for a female Abyssinian, as would Asali, which means “honey” in Swahili. 

Kesi: Meaning “spotted” in Swahili, this would be an appropriate name for an Abyssinian with tabby markings.

Harper: A beautiful name for a female cat, regardless of coat color.

Amina, Asali, and Jamila are all beautiful Swahili names perfect for a female kitten. 

You could also consider Lila or Leila, meaning “night” in Arabic or star, luna or moon after the night skySkyla is also a nice name. For a boy, you could go with Malik or Jamal, both meaning “king” in Arabic. 

Abyssinian Cat Names: Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many options for naming your Abyssinian cat. Whether you want to choose a name with an African influence or one inspired by nature, Egyptian goddesses, food, or famous people, there are plenty of possibilities. Take your time to consider all the options and find the perfect name for your new kitten.

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