Arab Cat Names: Elegant Names for Your Feline Friend

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Arab cat names

When naming a new kitten, there are many options to choose from. Here are 110 of the best Arab cat names for you to consider!

Consider an Arabic word, name, or food item if you’re looking for a unique name. Not only are Arabic names beautiful and exotic, but they also hold special meanings for many people. Some names such as Nasira, Anubis, Dalia, Lago, Jafar, Lian, Zulla, and Omar have been made popular due to the 2019 movie Aladdin. You may even like to consider calling your cat Genie

In this article, we’ll look at 110 Arab cat names and discuss their meanings and origins.

Arab cat names made popular by Disney

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Disney has inspired many pet owners when naming their cats, and Disney Princess Enchanted Tales has no shortage of Arab cat names. You may like to try out the names Sahara, Hakeem, Aneesa, or Sarma on your new pet. 

You could also name your cat Lotta after Lotta Lamour, the fox from the movie The Road to Macadamia. Lotta is known to be intelligent and beautiful, which are desirable characteristics for a kitten. 

Arab cat names

Abu: An Arabic name meaning “father of.” Abu is also a character from the Simpsons and a name that’s short, snappy, and easy to call. The name was also used in Aladdin, where Abu was a cute little monkey. 

Aladdin: A famous character from One Thousand and One Nights with a magical lamp and a genie who could grant three wishes.

Amir: An Arabic name meaning “commander” or “prince.”

Anubis: The Egyptian god of the dead, who was often depicted as a jackal or dog.

Asher: A Hebrew name meaning “happy” or “blessed.” Other popular male Arabic cat names include Antar, Azraf, and Ayat. While Afra, Amira, Adira, Azia, Ara, or Aida are excellent girl’s names. 

Bahir: An Arabic name meaning “brilliant” or “glorious.”

Balthazar: One of the Three Wise Men in the Bible, who brought a gift of gold to baby Jesus.

Dji: A black cat in Egyptian mythology who was said to bring good luck.

Farouk: An Egyptian king who was overthrown in a revolution.

Ghazi: An Arabic name meaning “conqueror” or “warrior.”

Haroun: A character from One Thousand and One Nights who goes on many adventures with his talking camel, Kamil. You may also like to consider Jafar or Khalil.

Hasan: An Arabic name meaning “handsome” or “good.” You may also like the name Habib or Hamza.

Horus: The Egyptian God of the sky, often depicted as a falcon. Other Egyptian Gods include Osiris or Ra.

Isaac: A Hebrew name meaning “he will laugh,” perfect for a playful kitten.

Kaia is a beautiful name for a female kitten. 

Lailah: Means “night” or “dark beauty” and can also be spelled Layla or Leila.  Lila is also a lovely name for a female kitten.

Magi: Another name for the Three Wise Men in the Bible. You may also like to consider Malik, Marid, or Nabil. 

Neo is also a short, sweet name that is gender-neutral, while Nadia or Nura are lovely girl’s names. 

Rafiq: An Arabic name meaning “companion” or “friend.”

Ramadan: The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk.

Rasul: An Arabic name meaning “messenger” or “prophet.” While Sabir means “patience” or “perseverance,” and Sadik means “truthful” and “honest.”

Safiya, Salim, Samir, Sitara, and Sarafina are all lovely names for a kitten. Or you may like to consider Shafiq, which means “compassionate” or “kind.” Try calling Sami to see how your new kitten responds. 

Tarek: An Arabic name meaning “crossing” or “passing over.”

If you have a new female kitten, you could try out the names Tasi or Talia

Tariq: An Arabic name meaning “night visitor” or “star.” You may also like to consider Umar, Yusuf, Zahi, or Walid for a male kitten. 

Zayd: An Arabic name meaning “growth” or “progression.” Or Zulfiqar

Arabic cat names inspired by food

You may also like to name your cat after some Arabic food. Here are some great names to consider:

Baklava: A sweet pastry made of layers of filo dough filled with nuts and syrup.

Falafel: Fried balls or patties made from chickpeas or fava beans.

Fattoush: A salad made of toasted or fried pieces of pitta bread, vegetables, and herbs.

Hummus: A dip or spread made from chickpeas, tahini, and olive oil.

Kebab: Pieces of meat (usually lamb or chicken) grilled on a skewer.

Knafeh: A dessert made of cheese pastry soaked in syrup, topped with pistachios.

Maamoul: A type of cookie filled with dates, nuts, or cheese.

Mansaf: A dish made of lamb and rice, often served at weddings or other special occasions.

Meze: A selection of small dishes, typically served as appetizers.

Muhammara: A dip or spread made from roasted red peppers, walnuts, and bread crumbs. You could call your kitten Mara for short.

Arabic words that can be names for cats

Many beautiful Arabic words would make great names for cats. Here are some of our favorites:

Aya: Means “miracle” or “sign.”

Baraka: Means “blessing”.

Dilshad: Means “happy heart”.

Firdaus: Means “paradise”.

Habiba: Means “beloved.” Or you may also like to consider Huriyyah or Inara

Jasmine: A type of flower that is native to Arabia. Jamila, Jamal, and Kamilia are also beautiful names.

Noor: Means “light.”

Qamar: Means “moon.”

 Rania: Means “queen.”

 Salma: Means “peaceful.” You may also like to consider naming your new kitten Safiya, Samara, Shahrazad, or Tala

 Yasmeen: Means “jasmine flower,” while Zahra: Means “brilliant” or “gorgeous.”

Arab cat names: Final thoughts

There are so many beautiful and exotic Arabic names to choose from for your new cat. We hope this list has inspired you to find the perfect name for your feline friend.

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