Black Cat Names: 72 Name Ideas For a Black Kitten

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black cat names

There are many great names for cats. But what about black cats? If you’re looking for a unique name, check out our list of 72 black cat names!

Black cats get a bad rap in some cultures, as they are considered bad luck. Superstition and the association with witches has led black cats to be left in shelters for longer than those with other colours of fur according to the Cats Protection League. Black cats dark fur can be beautiful and unique! If you’re planning to adopt a cat, consider giving a home to a black cat, but remember black cats are for life, not just for Halloween. 

If you want to give your cat a special name that celebrates the colour of its fur, check out our suggestions below.

Black Cat Names

Here are some names for black cats, consider your cat’s personality when choosing a name:

Sooty: A common black cat name


Ember: Embers are charred coal and wood that are left after lighting a fire. This could also be an excellent name for a ginger cat as they often glow orange. 


Soot: a substance that is left behind after something has burned up completely. 


Raven: Associated with dark magic and mystery, but also considered a sign of good luck in the past. Raven means “dark bird.”


Panther: a black panther is an animal that is sometimes seen as being able to channel magic between worlds, resulting in powers that are both dark and light.


Inka, Ink, Inky


Neko: Japanese word meaning “cat,” it can also be used as an endearing term like Kitty, which is why this name may be best suited to a cat with a gentle temperament


Phoenix: phoenixes are birds that symbolize rebirth as they rise from the fire.


Cool Black Cat Names

Shadow: because black cats are often associated with shadows. Cats, in general, are sometimes referred to as shadows if they follow their owners around. 

Midnight: Black cats are typically associated with night time; midnight is often considered the darkest time of night. 

Loki: Norse trickster God associated with chaos – this association will hold true if you allow your cat to misbehave.

Nutmeg: A spice. This may be the perfect name for a black or brown cat. 

Olive: If your cat is black or ermm… green.. olive may be a good name.

Black cat names: Oreo, onyx or Ebony

Oreo: Oreo is also a delicious cookie and a cute name for a dark colored cat.

Blackberry: Sticking with the food theme, blackberries are a black fruit and a cute name for a cat. 

If you’re a foodie, you may also like to consider Expresso, Coffee, Liquorice, Pepper, Poppy. Or how about Guinness or Treacle. 

Onyx: A beautiful black crystal that’s said to help you face your fears and make you feel more powerful. 


Female black cat names

There are so many fantastic female black cat names to choose from! Here are just a few of our favorites:

Ebony: A black timber that’s harvested from tropical trees. 

Nala: A character from The Lion King, the queen of a pride of lions. 

Morticia:  A character from the popular television sitcom The Adams Family. Morticia has sleek black hair, just like a black cat. 

Nyx: Greek goddess of the night. 

Noir: French for black, also a film genre. 

You may also like to name your black kitten, Alison, Athena, Bella, Brooke, Carmen, Chelsea, Harper, India, Jazz, Josie, Leah, Maddie, Marina. Mia, or Nadia. There was a cat in Sabrina the teenage witch called Salem.

Black male cat names

Here are some great male black cat names to choose from:

Pax:  Latin for “peace.” This is an excellent name as cats are very peaceful animals. Ironically this world is also used to describe someone without peace wandering through the darkness alone.

Nemo: Latin for “nobody”

Zeus: the name of the Greek God of sky and thunder. 

You may also like: Asher, Bane, Blackjack, Blade, Felix, Knight, Solo, or Zorro.

Magical black cat names

Magic, Mystery, Wizard, Eclipse, Cosmos, Twilight, Salem

Luna: Named after the moon. 

And finally, if you need some more inspiration consider these black cat names: Ash, Jet, Smoky, Storm, Stormy or Smudge


Why are black cats considered bad luck?

The origins of the black cat superstition are a bit murky, but one theory is that it dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, black cats were often associated with witches and sorcery. Consequently, many people believed that black cats were evil creatures that could bring bad luck. Over time, superstition spread to other parts of the world, and it continues to be a popular belief today.

Due to having a reputation of being bad luck, black cats are often the last to be adopted from animal shelters. However, many people believe that black cats are actually good luck charms! So if you’re thinking of adding a black feline to your family, don’t let the superstitions stop you – give your new kitten a great name and enjoy spending time together.

Do black cats really have nine lives?

The idea that cats have nine lives is another popular superstition. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, but the belief persists nonetheless. Some people believe that black cats have magical properties due to their association with witches. Perhaps they can cheat death up to 9 times.

Others believe that the nine lives myth originated from the fact that cats can often recover from serious injuries. They are also said to be able to land on their feet, even when falling from a great height. Whichever explanation you prefer, there’s no doubt that black cats are pretty tough!

Final thoughts

It’s easy to see that black cat names can come from many sources. You can look at mythology and history for inspiration or even nature. The most important thing is to find a name that you feel represents your pet and his personality. Cat owners should take time to find the perfect name for their black kitten!

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