Cat Flower Names: 34 Botanical Inspired Names for Your New Feline Friend!

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cat flower names

Cat people are usually very creative and curious when it comes to naming their cats. Cat flower names such as Daisy, Ivy, or Iris are very popular. Let’s look at some other botanical-inspired names!

There are some pretty flower names for cats. These names are feminine, delicate, and often flowery. What better way to honor your favorite little kitten than by giving her a flower name? If you love flowers you may find a great name for your new kitten on our list!

Cat Flower names

Here’s a list of cat flower names. These cat names are puurrrrfect for female cats. We’ll also give details about what the name says about your pet. This will allow you to choose a name that suits your cat’s personality. 

Lily – loving and kind, but also beautiful and graceful. Lily is a sweet name for a new cat.

Daisy – A great name if your cat is sweet and pure, just like the flower. Daisy is a fun-loving girl who likes to take naps in the sunshine. Daisy is a favorite for many pet owners and may be your perfect cat name. 

Holly – Holly has prickly leaves but don’t let that deter you from its beauty. This plant blooms with stunning red berries year after year. Its strength and resilience mean it can stand up to harsh environments. Holly may be the perfect name for a cute cat with a thorny side to her personality.

Violet – This beauty is delicate but determined. A Violet never gives up without a fight. Violet is a sweet name for a new kitten.

Rose – Rose has many meanings, including love and appreciation of beauty. It’s no wonder this name is so popular for cats!

Petal – Petal is a beautiful name for a beautiful kitten. 

Larkspur – full of grace and beauty, Larkspur is also very timid. 

Mint – A great unisex name for a bright and alert kitten. 

Tulip – Tulip is easy-going and never one to get into trouble. 

Names that are perfect for those who love flowers

Sage – Sage is an herbal remedy for all kinds of things! This name is also a great male cat name.

Poppy – Poppy loves adventures, but she never strays too far from home. She’s always ready to come back and curl up on the couch.

Vine – Vine is a mischievous girl who loves being outside. She can often be found taking a nap on a windowsill.

Lavender – Lavender loves to take long naps during the day but is always ready for an evening of fun. She loves to play with moths and fireflies.

Dahlia – Dahlia is the queen of flowers! She won’t give up her throne (or the best spot on the sofa) without a fight. Did you know that a female cat is called a queen?

Cattleya – Cattleyas are stunning orchids found in many different colors

Zinnia – Zinnias are cheerful and bright, but don’t let their petals fool you! These blossoms pack a punch when it comes to sprucing up your garden. This name is perfect for a feisty feline. 

Lilac – Lilacs look delicate and pretty, but they can stand firm against any wind or rain that comes their way. This is the perfect name for a tough little kitten. 

Petunia – Petunias are very social. If your cat loves hanging out with friends, this name might be perfect for her.

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Hyacinth – This flower is a tulip relative. Hyacinth’s unique colors and patterns make them gorgeous and prized by many. 

Cilantro – Cilantro is a lovely name for a graceful and elegant kitty. It’s also the word for coriander leaves. 

Rosemary – Rosemary loves to eat roast chicken. 

Bloom – Bloom is the perfect name for a flower kitty. It’s as simple as that!

Agapanthus – Agapanthuses are popular in exotic flower arrangements, and you’ll often find them on dining tables during special events. If you choose this name, you may like to call your kitten panther for short.  

Fern – Fern is a cute name for a feline with nimble paws. You could choose this name for a kitten who loves running around the house and jumping from furniture to furniture. 

Elise – Elise isn’t afraid of anything! She’s an adventurous gal who loves exploring new places, even if they’re full of strangers. Her curiosity brings her lots of fun experiences.

Jasmine – Jasmines are beautiful and fragrant flowers. Perfect for cats who love to play in the garden all day long. When she gets tired, she’ll rest under shrubs or trees and have a cat nap. 

Kiwi – Kiwi is a very cute name for an affectionate kitty. 

Daffodil – Daffodils are very cheerful flowers that bloom in the spring. The name is perfect for a kitten with a spring in her step!

Snapdragon – Snapdragons are known for their bright colors and unique shapes. This makes them a perfect name for your fierce feline. 

Tiger lily – Tiger lilies are bright orange flowers that look like tigers. If your kitten has a bright and bold personality, she might be perfect for this name. 

Poinsettia – Poinsettias are very popular around the holidays because they’re known for their bright colors and unique blooms. This makes them an excellent name for a festive kitten (please note cats are for life, not just for Christmas). 

Freesia – Freesias are very delicate flowers 

Myrtle – Myrtles are known for their berries, which taste like pepper. If your kitten has a mischievous personality, this name might be perfect for her.

Ivy – Ivy loves to climb up your walls, curtains, and even furniture if you give her a chance. If your kitten is adventurous and great at climbing or jumping, this name might be perfect for her.

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female cat names

Cat flower names: Final thoughts

Now that you read all about cat flower names, it’s time to decide on one! The above names are inspired by flowers and plants and can be used to name kittens, puppies, and other pets. The possibilities are endless when it comes to flower names!
I hope you have enjoyed this list of cat flower names.

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