Cat Names Ending in ie: 101 Perfect Name for Your Moggie

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Cat Names ending in ie

There are plenty of great cat names ending in ie. Here are some great options if you’re looking for a name for your new feline friend.

Cat names ending in ie, are generally short, catchy, and easy to call. However, whether your cat will come home when you’re calling is up to your pet, as cats can be stubborn creatures.

Try out some of these names on your kitten until you find one that suits her personality!

Cat names ending in ie

Callie: This name is of Greek origin and means “beautiful.” It’s an excellent name for a gorgeous kitty. Sadie, Lillie, Millie, Mollie, and Candie are also lovely names for a kitten. 

Or how about Tillie, EmilieEllie, Natalie, Melanie, Evie, Kylie, Valerie, Gracie, Rosalie or Annie. 

Winnie, Elsie, or Maggie, and Sylvie are vintage cat names that are coming back into fashion.

If you like the idea of giving your pet a human name, try Emmie, Aubrie, Lizzie, Marlie, or Lottie.

Birdie is an excellent name for a good hunting cat that can swipe a bird out of the air (ok, maybe you don’t want to encourage that kind of behavior in your house cat). 

Hattie: This name is of German origin and means “ruler of the home.” It’s perfect for a regal cat who rules the roost. Other names include Rosie, Maddie, Bonnie, and Allie.

Maisie: This name is of Scottish origin and means “pearl.” It’s a perfect name for a precious cat who is priceless.

Posie is a flower-inspired cat name. Annalie, Effie, or Lainie are also nice names.

Rainie: Short for Lorraine, this name is great for cats who love water. You may also like to consider naming your cat Roxie after the surfing brand or Stormie

Marie, Rosemarie, or Scottie are all Scottish-inspired names.

Katie or Cassie are also lovely choices. Goldie is a great name for a yellow or orange cat.

Sweetie: This is an excellent name for a kind-hearted cat who is always loving and gentle. Luckie is a great name for a kitten that’s had a near miss and survived.

Minnie: Should you name a cat after a mouse? Many people love the name Minnie for a tiny cute kitten that’s as adorable as Minnie mouse. Or Collie after a collie dog.

Sophie: This name is of Greek origin and means “wisdom” You may also like to consider the names Zoie, Maxie, Fernie, Jodie, or Josie.

Nellie: This name is of English origin and means “bright.” It’s perfect for a cat who is always cheerful and full of life.

Snookie: This is an excellent name for a playful cat who loves to have fun.

Dottie is a good name for a cat that’s as mad as a brush. 

Oaklie, Jaycie, and Hollie are all unique names.

Male cat names ending in ie

Some great male names end in ie including, Charlie, Archie, Jamie, Eddie, Ollie, or Frankie. You may also like to consider Willie, which can also be spelled, Wylie

Bowie is the purr-fect name for fans of David Bowie.

Other excellent names for a male kitten are Kyrie, Bodie, Louie, or Donnie

Reggie, Ronnie, or Richie are good for those of you who are searching for a vintage cat name. 

Jessie, Lonnie, Johnnie, or Robbie are also great choices, while those looking for a unique and unusual name may like to try out Khyrie, Arie, Audie, or Opie

Montie is traditionally a dog’s name but can also be used for a cat. As can Henrie, Maxie and Paulie.

Surnames such as Mackenzie, Harlie, Mackie, or Howie also make good names for pets. 

A simple name like Laddie is also great for a male kitten.

Some Italian-inspired cat names include Giovannie, Geovonie, Giovonnie, Chimezie, or Gradie.

Cat names ending in ie: Final thoughts

Many great cat names end in “ie.” If you’re looking for the perfect name for your feline friend, any of these options would be ideal. Choose a name that suits your cat’s personality, and you’ll have the perfect moniker for your furry friend.

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