Cat Names That Start with an S: 110 Names for a New Kitten

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cat names that start with an S

 If you are looking for a list of great cat names that start with an S, you have come to the right place. 

Sunshine is a happy and cheerful name for a sunny and optimistic kitten. You may also like Sun or Sunny. Below we have compiled a list of our top picks to help you choose the perfect name for your new feline friend.

Cat names that start with an S

Sandy: A perfect name for a sandy-colored cat.

Snickers: A fun and playful name for a naughty and playful kitten.

Sparky: A lively name for an energetic and vivacious cat.

Skye: A lofty and ethereal name for a graceful and elegant cat.

Smokey: A perfect name for a smoky-colored cat. Or you may like Shadow or Storm

Snowball: A adorable name for a fluffy and playful kitten.

Snuggles: An affectionate name for a lovable and cuddly cat.

Summit and Spirit are also all great names. 

Simba: A regal name for a confident and handsome cat.

Slinky: A perfect name for a sleek and stealthy cat.

Sooty: An excellent name for a black cat.

Stream: A flowing and graceful name for a beautiful and elegant cat.

Snooks, Snookie, or Sookie: fun and playful names for mischievous kittens.

Socks or Sox: Great names for black and white cats.

Sparkle: A perfect name for a beautiful and radiant cat.

Female cat names that start with an S

Saffron: A perfect name for a beautiful orange cat.

Sasha: A playful and mischievous name for an energetic kitten. Other nice names include Starley, Sazia, Sanya, or Sannvi. 

Scarlett: A fierce and passionate name for a bold and courageous cat.

Simone: A graceful name for a lithe and elegant feline. You may also like to consider Sophia, Stella, or Shiloh.

Star: A shining name for a beautiful and radiant cat. You may also like Sona, SoniaSabrina, Scotia, Sylvia, or Sarya.

Savannah: A beautiful and exotic name for an elegant cat.

Serena: A peaceful and calming name for a serene and loving cat. You may also like to consider naming your new pet Sienna, Skylar, or even Samantha

Sheba: A brand of cat food and a nice name for a kitten. You may also like Sharon, Sue, Suela, or Sarah.

Sitara: Sitara means star in Sanskrit and is a celestial name for a beautiful and radiant cat. Shelby, Sonika, or Shelli are also great names!

Sprinkles is a fun name for a cat!

Sally, Salma, Sara, Sarita, and Solana are all lovely Spanish names for a female kitten. While Sabella, Samara, and Saskay are Mexican names. Samaya is a lovely Arabic name.

Male cat names starting with S

Sam or Sammy: A short and sweet name for a lovable and affectionate cat.

You may also like Samuel, Sage, Simon, or Sylvester. 

Seymour: An interesting name for a curious and inquisitive cat. You may also like Santiago, Sawyer, Sullivan, Solomon, and Sterling.

Sherlock: A clever name for an intelligent and investigative cat. You may also like Sergio or Shawn.

Sheldon: A character from the Big Bang Theory

Spencer: A smart and sophisticated name for a dapper cat.

Stanley: A strong and sturdy name for a dependable and loyal feline friend. You may also like Sinatra, Sirius, Scout, or Saylor

Sax, Scamp, Shark, or Scooter are great names for cheeky male kittens.

Sinbad, Steven, Sidney, Sean, or Samson.

Food cat names beginning with S

 Food-inspired cat names include Sausage, Shrimp, Strudle, Sushi, Skittles, Sesame, or Sardine.

You may also like Strawberry, Saffron, Satsuma, Salsa, or Sugar.

Salmon is another fishy name for a cat.

Cat Names That Start with an S: Final thoughts

Picking the perfect name for your cat can be difficult, but we hope this list of names that start with the letter S has given you some inspiration!

If you still can’t decide on the perfect name, try thinking about your cat’s personality and what kind of name would suit them best.

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