131 Cat Names That Start with C: Cute Names for Your New Kitten

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cat names that start with C

If you’re looking for a list of cat names that start with the letter C, you’ve come to the right place! 

Cocoa or Coco are the perfect names for a chocolate-colored cat, while Candy, Cinnamon, and Cathy are also popular names. Here are a few of our favorite cat names beginning with this popular consonant.

Female Cat Names That Start with C

cat names starting with C

Cadence, Caitlin, and Catriona are popular girls’ names that can also be used for pets. 

Cleopatra, or Cleo for short: This regal name is fit for a queen. Other lovely female names include Caleigh, Calipso, Calliope, Cordelia, and Colleen.


Crystal: A sparkling name for a pretty kitty. Chelsea and Carley are also lovely names. 

Callie: An adorable name for a female feline.

Claire: A pretty name for a lady cat. You can also try calling Carmen, followed by here puss puss, to see how your new pet reacts. 

Chloe: A beautiful name for a graceful cat, as is Celeste,  Ciara, Cara, Carolina, or Casey.

Coco Chanel: A glamorous name for a fashionable feline. Other trendy names include Clementine, Calista, and Carina. 

Other female cat names include CharlotteCaroline, Camilla, Clara, Coral, Cora and Courtney. Or perhaps you’d prefer Claudia, Celine, Clarissa, Cecelia, or Collette.

Cynthia and Cindy are vintage cat names. 

Male Cat Names That Start with C

Casper: A perfect name for a friendly white cat. You may also like to try out Caleb, Christopher, or Chris.

CJ: A strong name for a male feline. Try calling Cody, Caden, Calvin, Carlos, Colt, Cohen, Colby, Chandler, Cruz, or Callum.  

Cash is a popular cat name for music lovers who have named their pet after Johnny Cash.

Charles: A regal name for a cat. Charlie for short. 

Caesar: The perfect name for a bossy kitty. Similar names include Cole, Clay, and Chad.

Checkers: A great name for a black-and-white cat.

Chief: A powerful name for the top cat in the house. Other similar names include Colonel or Commander.  

Clark: A perfect name for a feline superhero.

Claus: A fun play on Santa’s helper for a festive cat.

Clockwork, Cannon, or Chase: These are great names for an always-active kitty. Or why not consider Cam, Crew, or Craig? 

Caleb, Connor, Carter, Cameron, Christian, Cole, Colton, Carson, and  Colin are all excellent names for a male cat.

Cedric is a vintage name that is great for pets. You may also like Cale, Cal, Crosby, or Coleman.

Cain, Clyde, Cameron, or Campbell are Scottish names that are often used for pets. 

Unisex Cat Names That Start with C

Charlie: A great name for any kitty, male or female.

Cotton: A soft and fluffy name for a white or gray cat.

Claws: A perfect name for a feisty feline.

Cinder: A great name for a black cat.

Cool Cat: A perfect name for a laid-back feline.

Cuddles: The perfect name for a loving and affectionate cat. You may also like to consider calling your cat Cherish or Charity.

Copper: The perfect name for an orange or red kitty.

Food-Inspired Cat Names That Start with C



Cupcake: This sweet name is perfect for a small or playful kitty.



Chewie: A fun name for a cat who loves to chew on everything.



Cookie: An adorable name for a small or playful cat.



Cashew: A fun and unique name for a nutty cat.



Caramel: The perfect name for a brown or golden-colored cat.



Coco Puffs: A fun and playful name for a small or fluffy cat. Other foods that begin with C that could be used as a cat name include Cantaloup, Croissant, Caviar, Cadbury, Cashews, CalamariCherry, Cervil, or Chorizo.


Flower-Inspired Cat Names That Start with C 


You may also like to take inspiration from the natural world when naming your cat. Here are some flowers that begin with c that can be used to name your cute little kitten. 



Caper, Camellia, Carnation, Candytuft, Calendula or Calathea.




Calla and Canna are types of Lilly and also make nice names for cats. 


You may also like to consider Campanula or Campion. 

Cat Names That Start with C: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our list of popular cat names. And if you have a specific letter in mind, we’ve got plenty more articles featuring cat names that start with that particular letter!

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