Cat Names That Start with F: 86 Beautiful Feline Names

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Let’s look at some cat names that start with F. We’ll help you find a name that suits your new kitten’s personality!

If you love cats, you’ll know that each one has a unique personality. Your pet deserves a name that reflects his temperament, fur color, or character. Many lovely names start with the letter F.

Here are some of our favorite feline names!

Unisex cat names that start with F

Fidget or Flash: Great names for restless or playful cats that are always on the move.

Figaro: The Opera singing cat in Disney’s Pinocchio. A regal name for a vocal feline friend. Frisbee or Ferrari also make excellent names. 

Felix: Latin for cat. An ideal name for a kitten that you hope will bring you much joy.

Firefly: For a cat that’s always darting around, playful and full of energy.

Fluffy: One of the most popular names for cats, inspired by their soft fur. You may also like to consider Floss or Flossy

Fizz or Fizzy: Unique names for a cat. Furby is also a cute name. 

Nature inspired names

If you’d like to take inspiration from nature while naming your pet, you may consider Fennel, Forest, Fawn, Flea, Finch, Flint, Falcon, Frost or Frosty, Foxy, or Fox.  

Food names

Food-inspired names include Falafel, Feta, Flapjack, Fudge, Frittata, Fanta, Fromage, Filo, or Fig

Male cat names that start with F

Fabio: A handsome name for a beautiful cat. Frodo is also a great name.

Fang: Perfect for a feisty feline friend.

Frankie, Frank, or Fred or Freddy: A fun and friendly name for your cat, short for Fredrick

Fitzgerald: A stately name for your cat. Other great names include Ford, Fernando, Francisco, Fabian, Finnegan, Franklin, Fergus, Fredo, or Fisher.

Band-inspired cat names include Floyd or Fleetwood.

Finn, Flynn, Flint, or Finlay are great names for a tom cat.

Female cat names that start with F

Felicity: A regal name for a regal cat. This name can be shortened to Filly.

Fleur: A French name meaning “flower”. A delicate and pretty name for a petite kitten. You may also like Flora, Faith, Fallon, Fay, or Farah

Some beautiful flower names include Freesia, Frangipani, or Fuchsia

Fiona: A pretty Scottish name for a cat. You can call your cat Fi or Fifi for short. 

Fatima: A beautiful and exotic-sounding name for your cat.

Francesca: A regal name for your cat or kitten. Frances is another similar name that can be shortened to Fran.

Florence: A lovely name for a calm and gentle cat. You can also try calling FelicityFelicia, or Freyja to see how your kitten responds. 

Frieda: A unique name for your kitten. You may also like Freya

Fancy: A fun and playful name for a cat that loves to play.

Fern, Fernanda, or Ferni: Pretty and unique names for your cat. Fearne is another similar name. 

Cat names that start with F: Final thoughts

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite cat names that start with F, we hope you’ve found the perfect name for your new feline friend! 

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