Easter Names for Cats: 50 Spring Inspired Names for Cats and Kittens

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Easter is a time of year when people celebrate new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate than by giving your adopted cat a new name? Let’s look at some lovely Easter names for cats!

Cats find themselves in shelters for various reasons, from the death of their owner to abuse and neglect. Adopting a cat rather than buying a kitten is an excellent idea, and you can help give a pet a new life.

If you’re looking for Easter cat names, here are some ideas to get you started. We’ve taken inspiration from spring flowers and Easter animals and compiled a list of 50 names!

Easter names for cats

Bunny: A classic choice for an Easter cat name, Bunny is perfect for a playful and friendly feline. You may also consider rabbit or hare-themed names like bugs or cotton.

Egg: A unique name for a cat, egg is a fun choice for an energetic and mischievous pet. Chick is also a cute and quirky name for a tiny, cute and playful kitten. Chick or egg are names that will make your pet stand out from the crowd.

Other Easter-inspired names include Angel, Cameo, Ostara, Joy, Palm, Bell, Basket, Pastel, Cruz (cross in Spanish), or Easter. 

Jellybean: A fun and festive name for a sweet and lovable cat, Jellybean is perfect for a pet who brings joy to your life. You may also like to consider Candy or Apple

Coco: A delightful name for a cat with chocolate-colored fur, coco is sure to please any sweet tooth. Most people love to eat chocolate at Easter; you may like to consider some other chocolate-inspired names such as Kit Kat, Smartie, Snickers, or Hersey.

Toffee: A lovely name for a brown or tabby cat. Toffee is perfect for a kitten who is as sweet as can be. 

Peep: A fun Easter name 

March: A perfect name for a kitten born at Easter. Other spring names you may like include AprilMay, or even Spring

Dove: A peaceful name for a gentle and loving cat. Dove is perfect for a pet who brings harmony to your home. 

Speckle: A cute name for a cat with beautiful markings. Speckle is perfect for a pet who is unique. 

Hunter: After an Easter egg hunt. 

Flower-themed Easter names for cats

Easter cat names

Dandelion: This sunny yellow flower is a sign of Spring and new beginnings, making it a perfect name for an Easter cat. You may also like to consider other flower cat names such as Daisy, Lilac, or Violet

Buttercup: A lovely name for a sunny and cheerful cat. Buttercup is perfect for a pet who brings happiness into your home.

Blossom: A beautiful name for a graceful and elegant cat. 

Lily: Although lilies are toxic to cats, they are also delicate and beautiful flowers. Lily makes an excellent name for a cat, as does Rose or Tulip.

Iris: Another pretty flower name, Iris can be used for many different cat personalities – from the calm and gentle to the more active and playful. 

Sunflower: A big and bold name for a big and bold cat. Sunflowers are happy flowers, and their namesake would make a great addition to any home. 

Jasmine: A sweet and delicate name, perfect for a gentle and dainty cat. Other plant names you may like include Fern, or Ivy

Daffodil: A beautiful name for a cat who brings happiness into your life. Daffodil is also the birth flower for March, making it a perfect choice for a March kitten. 

Thistle: A Scottish name for a strong-willed and brave cat. 

Bud: A cute and quirky name for a kitten. Bud is also a symbol of new beginnings, making it perfect for a kitten who is the start of something new in your life. 

Lotus: A beautiful and exotic name for a cat who is as graceful as can be. Lotus is also the national flower of India, making it a perfect choice for an Indian-themed cat. 

Should you rename an adopted cat?

There is some debate about whether or not you should rename a cat or not. On the one hand, it’s best not to rename an animal used to his name as changing it can cause confusion and stress.

Often cats come into our lives at different stages. Kittens are often easier to name than adult cats since they have not yet developed strong associations with their existing names.

If you adopt an older cat, its name may not have been known when it was taken to the animal shelter. In this case, the shelter staff may have named the cat, so it may be rehomed with a name it’s only recently been given. If this is the case, you may decide to choose your own name for your cat.

Tips for changing a cats name

If you feel strongly about giving your new pet a different name, there are a few things to remember. First, choose a name similar to the cat’s current name. This will make the transition easier for the cat.

Second, introduce the new name slowly and patiently, using positive reinforcement such as treats and petting. This will help the cat associate the new name with good things. Finally, be prepared for the possibility that the cat may never fully adjust to the new name and continue to respond to its old name as well.

Things to consider when choosing a name

If you are looking for Easter cat names and are unsure of what to choose, consider these factors:

  • Your cat or kitten’s personality
  • The meaning of the name
  • Your cat’s physical appearance or fur color
  • Your own personal preference

Once you’ve read our list and considered the above factors, you should be able to find the perfect Easter cat name for your feline friend.

Easter Cat Names: Final thoughts

There you have it! Our top Easter cat names. These names are perfect for any cat, whether you’ve adopted a cat and decided to change his name or have just brought a new kitten home.

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