Female Cat Names: 183+ Unique and Beautiful Cat Names For a New Kitten!

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When picking a name for your new female kitten, it’s important to consider the personality of the cat and what sounds good. If you’re having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas, here are some great female cat names.

Check out our list of 183 female cat names. If you choose a longer name, it can be harder for your cat to recognize and respond to quickly. This is because cats will generally learn one-word names quicker than two-word names.

Fun Female cat names

Here is a list of female cat names:

Calypso: A nymph in Greek Mythology.

Circe: A beautiful name for a cat. This unique name also comes from Greek mythology. Circe was a goddess who was good at making potions and performing spells. This name would be great for a little black witch’s cat. 

Diana: Diana was an ancient Roman goddess of the hunt.

Gemini: Maybe you’d like to name your kitten after her star sign (or your own). Other star signs that could be used as names include Aries, Pisces and Leo. 

Miska: This name originates from Inuit and means ‘polar bear.’ Even if she isn’t white or furry, this will make an excellent name for any kitten. 

Nala: This name comes from the Lion King.

Sansa: Sansa is an adorable little lady that radiates joy wherever she goes. The name originates from Greek mythology as the wife of the hero Paris.

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Popular female cat names

Bambi: Bambi was the young deer in Disney’s beloved movie. 

Scarlett: This name is fitting for any feisty female kitten in your life.

Winnie: Winnie was a character in The House At Pooh Corner and A Hundred Acre Wood by A.A. Milne. This name would suit a cat that’s as cuddly and loving as Winnie the Pooh!

Queenie: A great name for a pussycat that thinks she should have all the attention. Did you know that a female cat is called a queen? Another suitable name would be Diva.  

Cookie: Cookie is an adorable name that comes from American origins. This name would work wonderfully if your kitten brings joy and warmth into your life like cookies on a cold day.

Sadie: This name means princess in Hebrew. 


Sandy: Sandy originates from Scotland and means from the little sandy place, which may not make much sense for cats, but it’s still a nice name.


Taffy: Taffy originates from Wales and is a very sweet fudge made from boiled down sugar.


 Zara: A Hebrew name meaning blooming flower.


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Cool female cat names

Angel: If you see your kitty as your little angel, then this would be perfect for her. It originates in Latin and means messenger of God. 

If you’re looking for floral-inspired female cat names, you may like to consider Poppy, Daisy, Buttercup, Marigold, Rose, or Tulip.

Velma: Velma was a character in the TV show Scooby-Doo

Celeste: Celeste is French for Heavenly and is an adorable female cat name if your kitten seems like an angel when she sleeps curled up next to you.

The best female cat names

Pandora: According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. You may consider other unusual and unique female cat names Tami, Adela, CoraElena, or Eleni. 

Gracie: Gracie comes from Latin and means graceful. 

Mila: This is an Eastern European name that originates from Slavonia. This name means miracle in Italian and gracious in Russian. Other lovely European names include Elisona, Merilda, and Sona. 

Sasha:  A beautiful name for a cat. 

Uma: Uma is Sanskrit for ‘nation’ and is the name of a golden-haired goddess.

Viva: Viva is Latin for ‘alive,’ which makes an excellent name for a kitten that’s full of life and energy. 

Cassie: Cassie is a short version of Cassandra. You may like to consider other female cat names include Zoe, Amber, Bella, Nina, Ruby, and Elise. 

Echo: In Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph who had her own voice taken away. It fits perfectly for any kitty who loves being loud and meowing back at you when you talk to her.

Felicia: Felicia is a name that means happy or lucky. 

Jada: Jada comes from Hebrew origins and means ‘wise.’ 

Mimi: means beloved. 

female cat names

Girl cat names by alphabet

A is for Abbey, Aida, AliceAnnabelle, Aspen, Allie, Athena, Aurora, or maybe you’d like to name your cat Apple or Apricot after the fruits. 

Cat names beginning with B include Bailey, Bella, Bessie, Blossom, Brooke, Buffy, or Butterscotch

C names for cats: Callie, Carly, Carmen, Casey, Cece, Charlotte, Coral or Chessie

D names for female cats: Dani, Daphne, Denise, Debbie, Delilah, or Destiny

E is for Ellie, Emmy, Emily, Evaline, Elaine or Enya

F cat names: Fifi, Flora, Frances, or Freya. You may also like to consider Florence.

G names for cats: Ginger, Grace, Goldie or Gwen

H cat names: Harper, Honey, Hazelnut or Hazel. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you may also consider Hermione for a female kitten. 

I female cat names: India, Ingrid

Female cat names starting with J: Jenna, Jewel, or Josie

K feline names: Kitty, Khloe, Kit Kat, Katie, Kiwi, Kelly, Kiara, or Kirsty

L female cat monikers: Lila, Lilly, Linda, Lindsey, Leila, Lincy, Lola, or Luna

M names for cats: Maddie which is short for Madison. Or you may like Maya or Mia

N female cat names: Nadia, Nellie, Nora, Nutmeg or Nova

O is for Opal, Olivia, Olive or Oreo 

P names for cats: Patches is a great pet name for a black and white animal. You may also like Peggy or Petra.

Q kitty names: Quinn or Queen 

R feline names: Ruth, Ruthie, or Roxi which is short for Roxanne 

S names for cats: Samantha, Savannah, Sugar, Scout, Sandra or Sydney. You may also like to consider Sitara which means star. Sultana is another nice name for a cute kitten. 

T cat names: Trixie, Tiger, Tilly, Tiger-Lily or Tori

U kitty appellations: Ursula or perhaps Uno after the popular card game.

V female cat aliases: Vanessa, Violet, Vera, Viki or Veronica

W names for cats: Willow, Whisper, or Wasabi after the spicy Japanese condiment. 

X feline titles: Xena or Xanado has a nice ring to it!

Y moggy monikers: Yoko, Yuki, Yvette or Yo-yo. Names like Yasmin or Yippee are also nice female cat names. 

Z cats’ names: Zelda or Zen. Zippie is a great name for a fast cat!

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What is the #1 cat name?

According to Wikipedia, names such as Misty, Simba, Coco, Chloe, and Lucy were among the most popular and commonly used pet names in the last decade. Names popular for male cats include Sam, Max, Oscar, and Tiger. Interestingly the way we name our pets has changed over time. 

In the 1950s and ’60s, pets were named traditional cat or dog names such as Blackie, Spotty, or Patch. These names reflected the animal’s appearance or the color of their fur rather than their personalities. In the 80s simple human names such as Bob, Jim or Ben were commonly used as pet names. From the 90s onwards, the naming of cats and dogs has become more interesting, with people giving their animals cute names or names that they would give to babies. 

As society changes, more and more people are deciding not to have children and are instead opting for ‘fur-babies,’ they are giving their pets names that would once have been reserved for their children. 

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Kitten care tips

Getting a new kitten is a big responsibility. We’ve composed a new kitten checklist that suggests 15 items you may like to buy and gives details of things to consider before bringing your new cat or kitten home. Ensure you have enough time and space to bring a cat into your life.

Here are some kitten care tips to help you along the way: 

  • Kittens need plenty of playtime and socialization. Be sure to set aside plenty of time each day to interact with your new pet.
  • Don’t forget about litter training! Start early and be consistent with your kitten, so he learns the ropes quickly.
  • Be sure to have a scratching post ready for your new feline friend. This will help keep his claws healthy and reduce the likelihood that he’ll scratch your furniture.
  • Kittens need plenty of food, water, and fresh litter. Set up a designated area that will meet all your kitten’s needs and check on him regularly.
  • Don’t leave your kitten alone for long periods. He may become lonely or bored, leading to mischief.

Bringing home a new kitten is a lot of fun, but it’s also essential to be prepared for the added responsibilities. With a little bit of effort, you can provide your new pet with everything he needs to grow up healthy and happy!

Female Cat Names: Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many different female cat names, there are many cute cat names, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your cat’s personality. You may have your own ideas for a great name! Don’t be afraid to try out more unusual names, as you never know what may fit your kitten perfectly. If you’re considering getting a boy kitten you can also check out our male cat names article. 

If none of these seem suitable, check out some of our other name articles to find the perfect name. You can also take inspiration from many other sources including your favorite TV program, Disney films, food, nature, or even crystals and gemstones. If you’re into yoga, Zen or Namaste make great names. While those that love sports may choose to name their kitten after a sporting personality!

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