Male Cat Names: 94 Fantastic Names for a New Kitten!

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male cat names

The best male cat names are short and easy to say, such as Smokey or Bandit. Check out our list of 94 great male cat names! There are plenty of options to choose from.

Some of the most popular male cat names are traditional and include; Bruce, Rocky, Max, Jack, Ben, Toby, or Charlie. Tom is also a great name as male cats are known as Tomcats. These names make great choices for a household pet. Other human based male cat names might include Henry, Harry, and Albert or Albie for short. If you’ve recently brought home a new cat check out this list of boy cat names!

What are the most unique male cat names?

Here’s a list of all the male cat names we love:

Milo: short for Miles, which means “soldier.” Soldier is a good name in its own right. 

Hermes: Greek messenger god who had magic sandals that allowed him to move between worlds. Also a parcel delivery company.

Louis or Leo: which means lion.

Other male cat names include EdwardShadow, Smokey, Bandit, Atlas, and Romeo. You may also like to consider:

Edison: Named after the inventor of lightbulbs.

Truman: Another great name for a male cat, meaning a brave warrior. 

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Popular Male cat names

There is ample opportunity for creating new and unique male cat names. Perhaps you’d like to take inspiration from celebrities or people in history who were strong leaders. One such example would be Napoleon, a strong name attributed to a multitude of cats. It’s a good idea to consider your cat’s personality when choosing a male cat name. Other notable names include;

Vladimir, Yuri, or Lenin from Russia

Beethoven from Germany

Ludwig from Bavaria

In addition to these historical examples, popular celebrity names can work well as boy cat names. How about calling your new feline Sting after the musician? Or Casper the friendly ghost?

Dylan: Think about how famous Bob Dylan is, then consider naming your cat Bob or Dylan.

Simba, Simone, Simon: Means lion in Swahili. 

You may like to try out Jasper, Nathan, Luke, Ezra, or Erwin to see how your kitten responds.


Cute male cat names

Some great character names have become popular tom cat names over time. This includes heroes from folklore or children’s literature. New pet parents may like to consider Garfield, Crookshank, or Tigger. 

Robin Hood: Hero from an English folk tale whose main goal was to steal from the rich and give to the less fortunate. 

Mog: short for moggy, a great unisex name, also the character from the ‘Mog and Me’ series of books. 

Pat: From postman pat. 

Neptune: God of the sea.

Mowgli: from the Jungle Book.  

While all these male cat names are incredibly popular, some absolute classics have been around for years. These include Jack, Buster, Bruno, Muffin, Wizard, and Felix.

Cole or Coal: A common name for cats that sounds great and easy to remember. Coal would suit a black cat. 

Duke: This sounds like a dog’s name but is also an excellent name for a male cat.

Skye, Jedi, and Knight are all fantastic male cat names. 


Boy cat names

Zachary or Zac:  There’s no stopping this Z name from becoming more popular. Another popular name beginning with Z is Zane. 

Chase: If your pet loves running around chasing things or people all day long, Chase could fit his personality profile well.

Hunter: For those who want something more than just a plain old ordinary name. This name is common yet extremely masculine. 

Merlin: A magical wizard name. 

Thor: The Norse God of Thunder 

Sol: Meaning sun 

Tyson: Named after boxer Mike Tyson! 

 Pax: Latin for peace.

Xander: Xander has been gaining momentum for a while now, and there’s no stopping it from becoming an even more popular choice of name in the future. 

Lance, Jax, Finn, Archer, and Axel: Classic names popular for male cats. 

Ace: A perfect choice for those who love good old card games! Spade is another option. 

 Hawk: If you want something cool and fierce at the same time for your cat, Hawk might be the right name.

Top male cat names

Paris, Sebastian, Apollo, or Orion may suit your pet. 

Hamlet: the tragic hero of William Shakespeare’s play 

Tiger: An excellent name for an orange or tabby cat. 

Mouse: small furry rodent known for being hunted by cats

Griffin: mythological creature in the form of a lion with an eagle’s head and wings.

Titan: Greek god who ruled during the legendary Golden Age

You can also take inspiration from nature when naming your cat. Sage, Dill, and Oak all make great male cat names. 

What's the #1 cat name?

Names seem to come into fashion one year and then disappear just as quickly. There are a few popular names that seem to stand the test of time. Popular names for a male kitten include Oscar, Max, Sam and Tiger. These are the most commonly used names over the last decade. 

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Male cat names: Conclusion

These are just some examples of unusual male cat names, but if you want something different, then feel free to play around with your own ideas. If you’re not sure where to start, then ask friends or family members for their opinion. You’ll soon have the perfect name for your new kitten!

If none of these names seem suitable, check out some of our other name articles to find the perfect name.

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