188 Old Man Cat Names: Vintage Male Cat Names That Have Come Back into Fashion

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old man cat names

Old man cat names have a certain charm to them. They hark back to a different era, bringing a whiff of nostalgia. A vintage name may remind you of your grandpa, dad, or a kind elderly neighbor you had as a child. 

If you’re looking for a unique and classic name for your new cat or kitten, consider vintage male cat names such as Oliver, Hugh, or Otis, making a stylish comeback. Many words have stood the test of time and are also unique. 

Old Man Cat Names

old man cat names,

Here are some names that are both classic and timeless. We’ve listed old man cat names in alphabetical order:  


Alfred: A Germanic name meaning ‘elf counsel.’ The name Alfred has an old-world charm and sophistication about it. Afred has increased in popularity for both pet owners and parents in recent years, and the name can be shortened to Alfie or Fred

Other vintage names include Albert, Alford, Abraham, Ambrose, Artie, Ace, Auden, Ashby, Alvin, Arthur, Alden, and Anderson. 

Or how about Adalbert, Alasdair, Ames, Anders, Alban, Archie or Artemis?

Some classic male names that would be great for a tomcat include Aaron, Adam, Alexander, Andrew, or Anthony




Barnaby: Of English origin, it means ‘son of consolation.’ It’s an uncommon and distinctive name for your little feline friend, which can be shortened to Barney. Other variations of the name include Barnabus or Burnaby


Barnaby also has various spellings, such as Barnabie, Barnabie, Barnabey, or Barnabee.  

Consider naming your cat Braxton, Benjamin, Byron, Bert, BertieBeck, Burton, or Burl.




Clarence: This is a Latin name that means ‘bright.’ It was also traditionally the name given to people born or living by the river Clare. If your cat lights up your life, this could be the perfect name for your new pet.


The name has many variations, including Claran, Claron, or Claronz. You can also shorten your pet’s name to Clarrie or Clarry


Consider naming your cat Carter, Cobain, or Cyprian if you’re looking for a slightly exotic name.  Chauncy, Clyde, Conran, Conrad, and Cleo are also excellent vintage-inspired names. 




Darence: A name similar to Clarance is Darence. This can be shortened to Darry or Darcy and is a lovely name for a male kitten. 


Dudley: It’s an Old English name that means ‘people’s field’ and to this day is a place in the West Midlands in England. Dudley is a great name for a cat with a friendly and social disposition. You may also like to call your cat Dudda or Damien.




Ernest: German in origin, Ernest is a vintage cat name that means ‘serious’ or ‘resolute.’ It’s the perfect name for a cat with a serious demeanor. The name can be shortened to Ernie, Ernee, or Ern.


In Germany, Arnest or Arnust are versions of Ernest, while the Latin form is Ernestinus. Other variations of Ernie include Arnesto, Earnea, Ernesto, and Ernestus


Other excellent names beginning with e include Eliot, which can be shortened to El or Eli and has the variation, Ellery. Try calling Ellington, Emerson, or Emory to see if these names fit your new pet’s personality. 




Ferdinand: This is a name of German origin meaning ‘adventurous, courageous traveler.’ Ideal for a curious and adventurous feline.


The name is also used in various ways across Spain and Portugal. Variants include Fernan, Fernando, and Ferran. 

Other names include Fallon, Fin, Finley, and Flynn.




Gideon: A Hebrew name meaning ‘feller’ or ‘hewer.’ It’s an unusual and distinctive name for your male cat and can be shortened to Giddy or Gid. 


Other male cat names you may like include Garrett, Garith, Glen, Gale, and Guy. 


Gus: A short form of the name Augustus, meaning ‘great, magnificent.’ It’s a sweet and endearing name for your beloved cat. It is also short for asparagus




Horace: Latin in origin, meaning ‘timekeeper.’ It’s a unique name for a cat who has an uncanny knack for knowing when it’s mealtime and is a hungry Horace.


Other name variations include Horacio, Horatio, Horatius, Horaz, Harry, and HorryOratio and Orazio are similar names that are popular in Spain and Italy. 


Hadley, Harley, or Hayden also make fantastic names for cats.



Ira: Derived from the Hebrew word for ‘watchful.’ It’s a unique name for a vigilant and observant cat.




Jagger, Jesse, Jet, Jim, Jasper, Jarvis, and Jimmy are names that you may like to consider. 




Ken or Kenneth are great names for a cat.



Louie: This French name means ‘famous warrior.’ It’s a solid and noble name for your fearless feline and is also short for Lewis.

Lachlan is a traditional Scottish name which can be shortened to LachieLangston, Lawton, and Lysander are also lovely names. 


Leonardo is an old Italian name that can be shortened to Leo. 




Merritt, Monroe, or Murphy are all nice names for cats. 




Nigel: An Old English name meaning ‘champion.’ It’s an uncommon yet powerful name for your brave cat. The name is also common across Scotland, Ireland, and Scandinavia, where it’s been shortened to Njal. 




Oscar: The Irish and English name Oscar means ‘deer friend’ or ‘God spear.’ It’s a unique and charming name for your furry friend.


Oak or Oakley are also nice cat names. 




Percival: A name of French origin, meaning ‘pierces the valley.’ Percival is an elegant choice for your cat and can be shortened to Percy or Presley.




Quentin: From Latin, Quentin means ‘the fifth.’ It’s a unique name, especially fitting for a cat who is the fifth member of your family or was born in the fifth month. It can be shortened to Quin or Quince, which may be easier to call when you want your pet to come home.  




Reginald: This name has English origins and means ‘advice,’ ‘counsel,’ or ‘ruler.’ Reginald is a strong name for a cat. It can be shortened to Reg or Reggie


The name is common in other variations across Europe. In French, Reynauld is an older man’s name, while Rinaldo is a lovely vintage name in Italy.  Reinhold is the German version, and you’ll find many older men in Scotland named Ronald.

Rufus: Of Latin origin, Rufus means ‘red-haired’ or ‘red-skinned.’ It’s a fitting name for a ginger cat with a bold and fiery personality. Rupert is another name to consider. 




Silas: Of English and Latin origin, Silas means ‘wood, forest.’ It’s a perfectly fitting name for a cat that loves exploring the outdoors. Saul, Silvanus, and Sylvanus are other variations you may like to try on your new pet.




Theodore: A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘gift of God.’ Theodore is a noble and endearing name for your beloved cat. The name can easily be shortened to Theo.


Other names to consider are Teddy, Tobin, or Tony.




Ulysses: This name is of Latin and Greek origin, meaning ‘wrathful.’ It could be an ironic or perfectly suited name for your feisty feline.



Victor: Of Latin origin, meaning ‘conqueror.’ Victor is a strong and powerful name for a confident and majestic cat. It can also be shortened to Vic




Walter: A Germanic name that means ‘ruler of the army.’ Walter is a strong and powerful name that would suit a confident and dominant cat.


Winston: An Old English name meaning ‘joy stone.’ Winston is a charming and unique name for a cat that brings joy into your life.


Other names beginning with W include Wiley, Wayne, Wynn, and Wynne. 




Xavier: This name is of Basque and Arabic origin, meaning ‘new house’ or ‘bright.’ Xavier is a unique and stylish name for your new feline friend.




Yale: This name is of Welsh and Old English origin, meaning ‘old.’ It’s a fitting name for an older rescue cat or a cat with a wise and ancient soul.




Zeke: This Hebrew name means ‘God strengthens.’ It’s an unusual yet meaningful name for a tenacious feline.


Zephyr: Of Greek origin, meaning ‘the west wind.’ Zephyr is a unique and distinctive name, perfect for a cat that loves to play and frolic.  

Famous Old Man Cat Names

Morris: Perhaps one of the most famous cats, Morris the Cat has been the advertising mascot for 9Lives brand cat food since the 1970s. Morris can be shortened to Mo or Moe. You may also like to consider calling your pet Morrie or Maury. 

Felix: Felix the Cat is a funny animal cartoon character and a brand of cat food. The Latin name ‘Felix’ means cat.

Garfield: Named after the cartoonist’s grandfather, Garfield, the lazy, lasagna-loving cat became a comic strip superstar. 

Tom: Tom Cat from the famous “Tom and Jerry” animated series is another well-known feline. It’s a classic name that’s simple yet memorable. 

Sylvester: Looney Tunes’ Sylvester the Cat has been trying to catch Tweety Bird since the 1940s. The name Sylvester is of Latin origin, meaning ‘from the forest.’ It’s a strong and regal name for your fearless feline.

Tips for choosing the right name for your cat

Choosing the right name for your cat can be a fun but daunting task. Here are a few tips to help guide your decision:

  • Consider the cat’s personality: A cat’s name often reflects its character. If your cat is playful and energetic, a name like ‘Felix ‘Is suitable. On the other hand, a laid-back cat might be better suited to a name like ‘Garfield.’
  • Use their appearance as inspiration: Your cat’s coat color, pattern, or breed could be a great source of inspiration. For example, a cat with a sleek, black coat might suit a name like ‘Sylvester.’
  • Try the name out loud: Say it several times to see how it sounds. It should be easy to pronounce, and something you feel comfortable calling out.
  • Keep it short and simple: Cats respond better to short names, ideally one or two syllables. Short names are also more accessible for your cat to recognize.
  • Choose a name that will stand the test of time: Remember that what might seem like a cute name for a kitten may not suit a full-grown cat. Choose a name that your cat can grow into. 

Remember, the best male cat names are the ones that you feel a connection with. Take your time, have fun with it, and before long, the perfect name will come to you.


Old Man Cat Names: Final Thoughts

These old-fashioned names are distinct and add an elegant touch, making your cat stand out from the rest. Remember, choosing a name for your cat is a memorable process, so pick something that suits your cat’s personality and your personal taste.

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