Vintage Cat Names: 72 Lovely Names For a New Cat or Kitten

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vintage cat names

Are you looking for a unique name for your new kitten? Why not consider a vintage cat name? There are plenty of adorable names to choose from, and they have the added bonus of sounding classier than some of the more common options. 

This article is for cat lovers who want unique and meaningful animal names. Vintage cat names are ideal if you are looking for names that are different but still suit your pet’s personality. Names that would have suited your grandparents are starting to come back into fashion, especially for animals! Here are just a few examples of charming vintage cat names.

Classy Vintage cat names

Daisy – Take inspiration from nature and name your cat after a flower or plant. In the past, names such as Primrose, Rose, or Myrtle were common, but they seem to have gone out of fashion. Perhaps it’s time to revive such names, especially for cats.

Willow – This is a very pretty vintage cat name because it suits most cats due to its simple sound. This is another name from nature as it’s a kind of tree. 


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Barbara – A once extremely popular name, Barbara has fallen out of favor. Although there are many variations for this name, the original is still the best. The vintage charm of this name makes it an excellent choice for cats. It can also be shortened to Barb, Barbie, or Baba

Stella – Stella was very popular in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s but seems to have fallen slightly out of favor since then. The name means star and has a vintage ring to it.

Alma – Alma is an unusual but very classy name that will suit most female cats well. If you really want something unique, try the variation Alva, which comes from Scandinavian origins. 

Peggy– This is a sweet, old-fashioned pet name that fits most cats well. It has become less popular recently, but hopefully, its popularity will rise again. The name is short for Margaret. 

Eleanor – This is a very classy name for a cat as it has vintage charm as well as having a short and pleasant sound to it. A variation of Eleanor is Lenore, which is of Greek origin.

Female cat names

Lucinda – Lucinda is a sweet-sounding with an old-fashioned ring to it but isn’t too formal, so your cat’s personality won’t be crushed by it. Another variation is Lucy, which also works well for pets.

Blanche – This is another old-fashioned name with a vintage charm. Blanche is of French origin and means white, so it makes sense that this name has become popular for white cats. 

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Maisy– This is an adorable vintage name that was once very popular for cats. It’s short, sweet, and perfect for most pet personalities.

Milly – A classic vintage name that will suit many cats. There are several variations of this name, such as Molly or Mandy, so you can get creative when looking for the right one.

Isabel – This name was very popular in Europe during the 1930s and early 1940s. Isabella or Izzy are variations of this name that are more common at the moment, but Isabel has what it takes to make it as a vintage classic once again.

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Winifred – If you love this name but find it too formal for a cat, why not consider Winnie as a shortened version? This is another vintage choice that was very popular in the 1930s and 40s. The meaning of this name comes from the Old English elements win, meaning friend, and Freda meaning peace. Winnie isn’t a name that you will hear too often, making it stand out from the crowd. It wasn’t considered stylish until recently due to its connections with Winnie-the-Pooh. If you want something unusual for your pet, then this may be the right choice.

Mildred – Mildred was extremely popular in the United States during the 1930s and 40s. The meaning of this name is “gentle strength,” and it was derived from the Germanic word milt, which means friend, and rad, which means advice.

Bonnie – This name suits most cats well because it is pretty yet simple. The meaning of this name comes from the Scottish word bonny, which means pretty, attractive, charming, or sweet.

Opal – This is a very unique vintage cat name, and it suits most pets well as it has a sweet sound to it but isn’t too common. Opal is a precious stone that may go well with your pet’s gorgeous personality.

Grace – This simple yet pretty name suits your cat’s graceful demeanor well.

Claire – This is a wonderful choice of vintage cat names because it is sophisticated yet different, so your pet won’t get confused with other cats.

If you prefer a vintage name that sounds sweeter and cuter, consider these options: Sylvia Audrey – Louise – Isadora – Eloise – Mabel. There is something irrepressibly cute about these vintage cat names. They sound sweet without being overly childish. 

Lillian– Lillian or Lily is a cute vintage cat name that has recently made its comeback into fashion. The name comes from the German lein meaning “to sing.” This name suits your cat if she appears to be singing when she meows. This simple yet pretty option goes well with most cats’ personalities.

Ethel – Ethel was very popular in the 1920s and 30s. The meaning of this name is noble, and it suits your pet’s regal appearance well. You may also like to consider Edith or Sibel. 

May – May is one of the most classic vintage names. Other classic names include Gertrude, Petula, Marjorie, April, and Nancy. You may also like to try out Veronica and Beatrice to see if either of these names suits your cat. 

Gladys – This is a very elegant choice for your cat’s name. The meaning of this name is glad, cheerful, and strong. You may also like Martha.

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Classic cat names

Cordelia – Cordelia was very popular in America during the 1930s and early 40s, but it hasn’t been used much lately. Another popular name is Candy or Candice

Nadine – Nadine is a sweet name that’s perfect for a little kitten. Other popular names include Phoebe or Zoe

Anastasia – This name has an elegant sound to it but isn’t as common as other vintage cat names, so it may be a good choice for your pet. You may also like to consider Esmerelda or Aurora, both classy and unusual.  

Lucille – This is a classy but stylish vintage cat name that was at its peak in the 1930s and 40s. The meaning of this name comes from the Latin word lux, which means light. 

Gwendolyn – It is derived from the Welsh word Gwen which means fair, good, and chol, which means maiden.

Phylis – Phylis is derived from the Greek elements philein, meaning love, and lissomai, meaning to soothe.

Male cat names with a vintage twist

Here are some lovely male cat names which date back to the early 1900’s. These names are perfect for a boy kitten. 

Stanley – Stanley was extremely popular during the 1910s, 20s, and 30. This simple name goes well with your pet’s laid-back personality. Other options you may like to consider are Sidney – Toby, or Hugo

Noel – The perfect name for a male kitten that was born during the festive season. 

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Vintage cat names: Final thoughts

If you’re looking for female cat names that are cute or unusual, vintage names may be the way to go. The key with these choices is simplicity and subtlety. They are perfect if you don’t want something outlandish but still want your pet’s name to stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, there seems to be fewer male vintage cat names, but we have included a short list.

If none of these names suit, please explore our other lists for even more options! Maybe you’ll find the perfect name on one of them.

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