Weather Names for Cats: 90 Bright Ideas for Naming a New Kitten

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When naming a new kitten, the sky’s the limit. Let’s look at some lovely weather names for cats that you may not have thought of. 

Why not name your cat after something as changeable and unpredictable as the weather? Here are some fun ideas for weather, sky, and space-related names. We’ll also look at some ancient weather gods and the history of cats and the weather.

Weather names for cats

weather names for cats

SunshineSunny or Sun: A perfect name for a ray of sunshine in your life. These names are great for a sunny dispositioned kitten.

Rain or Rainy: I love the name Rainie which may be short for Laurine. These names are great for felines who aren’t scared of water.

Snow or Snowy: An ideal name for a white kitten or one who loves playing in the snow. Also, snowball who was the Simpsons cat or snowflakeAlaska, ice, icicle, and Frosty are all snow-related names. 

Cloud: A great name for a laid-back cat who loves to lounge around. You may also like to consider the name Cloudy.

Storm or Gale: A bold name for a feisty kitten. You may also call your new cat Tempest, Gust, or Twister

Chaser, as in storm chaser, is also an excellent name for a male cat who’s a fast runner.

Thunder: A powerful name for a strong kitten.

Lightning: A fast and fiery name for an active kitten. You may also like to consider Flash or Bolt; these are short, snappy names that are easy to shout when calling your cat home.

Foggy/ Mist or Misty: A mystical name for a mysterious kitten. 

Shine: A perfect name for a kitten who brightens up your day.

Space names for cats

weather names for cats

Star: A twinkly name for a kitten who is out of this world. You may also like Sky or Skyla.

Moon: A serene name for a calm and collected kitten. Luna and Eclipse have also become very popular in recent years.

CometMeteor or Jet: Choose a cosmic name for an adventurous kitten.

Aurora: A beautiful name for an ethereal kitten.

Other Weather Phenomena

You may also like to consider naming your cat after the season’s Summer, Spring, Autumn, or Winter. Or how about considering weather-related equipment such as Radar, Mercury (which is found in thermometers), Baro (short for barometer), or Vane (short for weather vane). Dusk or Dawn also make great cat names. 

Here are some other weather phenomena that make great names:

Cyclone/ TornadoHurricane: Bold names for assertive, feisty and determined kittens.

Cirrus: A type of wispy cloud

Blizzard: A cool name for a calm and collected kitten.

Monsoon: A perfect name for a kitten who loves playing in the water.

Sirocco: A hot and humid wind that blows from the Sahara. A nice name for a friendly and affectionate kitten.

Weather Gods and Goddesses

Zephyr: The Greek god of the west wind. An excellent name for a kitten who loves to play.

Aeolus: The Greek god of the winds. A fun name for a playful kitten.

Boreas: The Greek god of winter and of the north wind. A cool name for a cool kitten.

Notus: The Greek god of the south and south-westerly wind. 

Eurus: The Greek god of the east wind. A strong name for a bold and fearless kitten.

Apollo: The Greek god of the sun and light, amongst other things. This would be a great name for an orange kitten who brings sunshine to your life.

Artemis: The Greek goddess of the moon. A beautiful name for an elegant kitten. Selene and Hecate were also goddesses of moons. 

Aura: A minor deity with a name that means breeze.

Weather names for cats in other languages

French: Soleil (sun), Neige (snow)

German: Regen (rain), Sonne (sun)

Spanish: Lluvia (rain), Sol (sun), Nieve (snow)

Portuguese: Clima (weather), Chuva (rain), Neve (snow)

Japanese: Tenki (weather), Arashi (storm), Ame (rain), Yuki (snow)

Korean: Biya (rain), Namoo (snow)

Dutch: Zon (sun)

Finnish: Lumi (snow)

Hungarian: Eső (rain), Nap (sun)

Turkish: Hava (weather)

The history of cats and the weather

The tradition of naming cats after the weather dates back to ancient times. In many cultures, cats were believed to have supernatural powers and were often associated with weather phenomena. For example, in Ancient Egypt, the goddess Bastet was typically depicted as a woman with the head of a cat or a lioness, and she was associated with the sun, fertility, and protection. 

In the medieval era, cats were believed to be able to control the weather. In England, black cats were often thought to be witches in disguise, and it was believed that they could summon storms.

In Germany, it was thought that cats could create hail storms, and in Russia, it was believed that they could control the wind.

Weather names for cats: Conclusion

Naming your cat after the weather is a fun way to reflect their personality. Whether you name your cat after the sun, rain, snow, or wind, a goddess of the weather, or a weather-related word in a foreign language there are plenty of choices.

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