Western Cat Names for a Wild Cat: 101 Cowboy-Inspired Names

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If you love old western movies, romanticize the wild west, and are searching for western cat names, check out our list of cowboy and bandit-inspired names.

Many Americans choose to give their pets a western or cowboy name which embodies the wild west and that wild side of felines. Cowboys are considered hard-working, strong, and slightly rough around the edges. They are also fun-loving and have a bad-boy image. If you’re a fan of all things Western and loved playing cowboys as a child, these cat names are perfect for your pet.

Let’s look at some of the best western cat names; from classic cowboy names to outlaws and bandits, there’s a name on this list for every type of Western-loving cat owner.

Western Cat Names

Classic western cat names include Cowboy, Trigger, Bandit, Maverick, Ranger, and Outlaw. These names are perfect for rebellious, independent cats who are always ready to pounce. Pistol, Jax, Cannon, and Hunter are also badass names. 

Buckaroo: For the adventurous cat who loves to explore. You may also like to call your cat one of these horse-inspired names; Blaze, Colt, Buck, Bronco, Chase, Ryder, Wagon, Rusty, Rancher, or RopeBeau is French for beautiful and is often the name of a cowboy horse; it also makes a great name for other types of pets, including cats. 

Some names from western movies include Dylan, Butch, Buddy, Cody, Clay, Cash, Cal, Flint, Billy, Austin, Bart, or Quint. Another great name is Levi. 

Sage: For the wise cat who always knows what to do. Other nature-inspired cat names with a western twist include River, Bay, Hawk, or Bear.

Pecos or Pancho: For the laid-back cat who likes to take things slow.

Sunny: A great name for a sunny dispositioned cat who brightens up every room. 

Other creative names include Jack Daniels, Yeehaw or Ace.

Tumbleweed: For the restless cat who is always on the move. Other cowboy cat names include Western or Westie and Wilder

Whiskers: An excellent choice for a kitten with a big personality and prominent whiskers.

Place names such as Dallas, Dakota, Denver, Arizona, Houston, and Montana also make excellent names for a cat. 

Cowboy names for male cats

For a male cat, you may like to take inspiration from the surnames of country singers, film stars, and cowboys. Some examples include Brook, Canutt, Colton, DouglasFisher, Jed, Luke, and Hitch. 

Names of Irish origin include ManningMcCoy, and O’Connor.

Some names with an English origin include Mayfield, Maynard, Miller, Pickett, Pierce, and Reeves. 

If you’re searching for Scottish names, you may like to call your pet Innis, Laird, Carson, or Cameron

Unisex Western cat names

Here are some names that would suit both a male and female cat. You may like to consider classic names such as Alex or Andy. These names are short and easy to call when you want your pet to come home. 

Other great names include Ashton, Bailey, Dana, Evan, Jaime, Jesse, Jo, or Jody.

Nash, Palmer, Lane, Clint, or Vern are all excellent names.

Female western cat names

If your new kitten’s a girl, but you like the idea of giving her a western cat name, you may want to choose Morgan, KelseyKai, Ashley, JackieSue, or Addison.

You may also like to consider Annie, Ava, Angel, Brandie, Bonnie, Lottie, Flossie, Lucky, Christy, Charlie, or Dusty.

Western cat names: Final thoughts

These are just a few of the many great Western-themed cat names available. Try calling out some of these names to your furry friend to see how he responds. 

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