Z Cat Names: 62 Beautiful and Unique Names Beginning with the Letter Z

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z cat names

Let’s look at some unique z cat names to consider if you’re looking for an unusual name for your new pet.

Thinking of names beginning with the letter Z is challenging as not many z cat names immediately come to mind. Names such as Zippy, Zipper, Zip, or Zoomie are great for cats and kittens that are young and energetic and love to run around. 

Here’s a list we’ve compiled with z cat names that you can consider when naming your pet!

Unisex Z cat names

Zephyr: This is an excellent unisex name for a cat. It means a gentle breeze and is a great name for any owner that’s interested in a weather cat name

Ziggy: Named after Ziggy stardust, Ziggy or Ziggie is a fun, playful name for an energetic cat.

Zen: The perfect name for a calm and tranquil cat who likes to meditate.

Zodiac: A celestial cat name

Zigzag: Another fun, playful, unisex name for a kitten. Zim, Zed, or Zee or similar names. 

Zucchini: A vegetable-inspired cat name for pets that like to help with gardening. (I mean get in the way while you garden)

Zumba: A type of dance and a fun name for a cat. 

Zanzibar: An African country.

Female z cat names

Zoe: This name means life and is perfect for a female kitten that’s full of life. The name can also be spelled Zoie, Zoey, or Zoee. Or even just Zo.

Zoraida: The meaning of Zoraida is the golden lady; this name is perfect for an orange cat.

Zahra: Another bright, fun name. You may also like to consider Zia. 

Ziva: Means full of life, while Zella, Zola, or Zoya are also fun names.  

Zara: Meaning bright as a star. Zara is also the name of a Spanish clothing line, but it makes a great name for a cat or dog. The name can also be spelled Zarah or Zaira. Another similar name is Zahara. 

Zuri: a beautiful name for a sweet little kitten. You may also like to try out Zena on your kitten and see how she responds. 

Zinnia: A type of flower, this word makes a unique name for a kitten with a bright and sunny personality.

Zilpah and Zylpha are classic girl names that you don’t hear very often nowadays.

Zelda: Meaning gray warrior woman, the perfect name for a misty gray cat. You may also like to consider Zora

Male z cat names

Zak: The diminutive of Zachary or Zackary, meaning ‘the Lord has remembered’ This name can also be spelled, Zac or Zaki

Zeki comes from the name Ezekiel which means God strengthens.

Zep: Short for Zeppelin, which is a unique and unusual name. Zappa, Zeno, or Zimba are also unique names. 

Zan: A short form of Zander, which is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘defender of men.’ Zavier is also a lovely name. 

Zain: An easy-to-call name that is short for Zainab. You may also like to consider Zahir.

Zeus: The king of gods. You may also like to call your male kitten Zazu, Zuko, or Zero

Zorro: The masked hero, a perfect name for a naughty little kitten

Zev: A Hebrew name that means ‘wolf.’  

Zuriel: This name means my rock and is excellent for a large or strong cat. 

Z cat names: Final thoughts

Picking a name for your kitten can be difficult, but we hope this list of z cat names has given you some inspiration! If you’re still struggling to find the perfect name, why not look to pop culture or your favorite TV show or book for inspiration? There are plenty of great names out there waiting to be discovered.

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