White Cat Names: 60 Top Names for a White Kitten

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If you’ve recently added a new pet to your family, we have the perfect list of white cat names to choose from!

White cats are very special in their own way. They’re known for having beautiful blue eyes. Another interesting fact about white cats is that a high percentage of them are deaf. According to Wikipedia, as many as 85% of white cats with blue eyes are deaf, and 22% of white cats with nonblue eyes are hard of hearing. 

This doesn’t mean that they can’t lead happy and normal lives; it just means that you need to be a little more aware of their needs. For example, make sure your cat always has a place to hide if they feel scared or threatened. White cats are also more susceptible to getting sunburned, so make sure they have plenty of shady spots to relax in.

White cats are just as loving and affectionate as any other cat despite their unique needs. They love to play and cuddle and will be loyal companions for years. There are a lot of factors to consider when naming your cat. When looking for a name for your white cat, it’s very important to choose one with no negative connotations or hard to pronounce sounds. Think about the meaning behind the name, and select a name that goes with the color of your pet’s fur or personality. It’s also essential to choose a name that you won’t end up regretting in the future. 

So if you’re looking for a special cat to add to your family, consider adopting a white cat. Let’s look at some of the best names for a white kitten.

White cat names

Here’s a list of the perfect white cat names

Snowy / Snowflake / Snowball: cute, cuddly terms that suit light-colored cats perfectly

Blizzard: It’s a whiteout!

Blondie: Perfect for a white or cream colored cat. 

Whisper: something soft and delicate for a longhaired white kitty. This name also suits a white and gray cat. 

Ghost: because white cats look like ghosts sometimes! You could also name your cat Casper after the friendly ghost. Or how about Spirit

Mouse: a fat, fluffy white cat will remind you of this Disney character!

Top white cat names

Cookie: because everyone loves cookies 🙂 Other food names include Coconut, Peppermint, Oatmeal, Tofu, and Marshmallow. 

Ivory, Lilly, Lotus, and Luna are also unique names. 

Neko: Japanese for “cat.” It suits black cats, too, if you want to add a little bit of an Asian twist to your feline’s name.

Cream: This is a cute name for a snow-white cat, but it would also work well on a brown tabby too. 


Blanco or Blanche: refer to the color white in Spanish and French, respectively.

Powder: soft powder white snow

Sugar: as in white sugar; sweet and lovely. This name could work on a dark-colored cat as well!

Ice cube/icicle/ frosty/ icy: these are adorable names for a white cat.

Ice Cream: Great for a white or cream coloured kitty!

Female white cat names

Snow Angel: Or perhaps even just Angel.

Stormy / Storm: These are fantastic cat names 😉 Especially if your pet has stormy-silver eyes!

Marble or Marbles: If your cat has multi-coloured eyes (such as green, gold, and blue), then this name might be a good option.

Fog or Foggy or how about Seafoam

Dove / Dovey: If your new kitten is as soft and white as a baby dove, this will make the perfect name! 

Muffin: Muffins are fluffy and cute, just like your little kitten!

Cloud or Cloudy: cute names for any pure white cat!

Alaska: Sticking to the food theme, why not name your cat Alaska after the dessert baked Alaska. 

Daisy: because your kitten is just as pretty and pure as the flowers she’s named after!

Snowdrop: A beautiful white flower. 

Frostbite: A cool name for a cool cat. 

Some other great white cat names: Diamond, Crystal, Chalk, Chalky, Star, Bunny. 

Male white cat names

Here are some great male white cat names:

Cotton: A great name for a kitten that’s as soft as cotton or candyfloss.

Snowball: A fun name for an energetic and playful kitten.

Albino: A scientific term for a white cat with pink eyes.

Bear: Because your white cat is as cuddly as a polar bear!

Jack frost: A cool name for a white tomcat with blue eyes.

Final thoughts

 There are a lot of great white cat names out there, and if you can’t find the perfect one straight away, don’t worry! You’ll know when you find it. Look at your kitten and get to know them – find out their personality, what they like and don’t like. Naming a pet is all about finding the right fit for both of you! 

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