Orange Cat Names: 55 Ideas to Help You Name Your Ginger Kitten

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orange cat names

Orange tabby cats are highly sought after. Their colouring is commonly referred to as marmalade. If you have an orange kitten and are looking for possible names, check out our list of 55 orange cat names!

Orange cats are popular and look cute! If you have an orange cat or are thinking about adopting one, check out this list for some of the best names for your furry friend. There are many things to consider when searching for orange cat names, such as your pet’s personality and the origin of the name. Orange cats can also have black ears or white patches on their body. 

Interestingly most cats with ginger or orange fur are males as it’s the gene in the X-chromosome that’s responsible for the colouring. It’s estimated that up to 80% of ginger cats are male.   

This article provides some inspiration on how to find the perfect name for your new cat!

Orange cat names

Here are a list of orange cat names for a ginger or orange tabby cat:

Lit: A short name that’s perfect for your kitty who’s as all over the place as a flame. Ember or Cinder are also names associated with fire that are great names for an orange or black cat. 

 Scarlett: Scarlett is sometimes used to describe an orange or red color. 

 Sunshine: For a yellow-furred feline friend who brightens up your life just by being in it! 

 Cinnamon: Perfect for a brown tabby cat or a light ginger cat. 

 Pumpkin: For an orange-hued cat who’s as sweet and cute as a pumpkin. 

 Biscuit/ Biscotti or Biskit: You can even shorten it further to Bis for a cute nickname! 

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Popular orange cat names: Rusty, Cheddar, Pumpkin and Amber

Top orange cat names

Rusty: Great for any pet with orange or rusty coloured fur.

Cheddar: For a kitten whose coloring is as orange as cheese! 

Sticking with the food theme Cheerio, Chilli, Tangerine, Mandarin or Mango, are all great orange cat names. Foodies may also like to consider Marmalade, whiskey, popcorn, and Nacho.

Garfield: why not name your cat after the popular cartoon character. Hermione from Harry Potter had a ginger cat named Crookshanks. Other famous orange cats include Nala from the Lion King, Aslan from the chronicles of Narnia, and Tigger from Winnie the pooh. 

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Amarillo: This word means yellow in Spanish… so your furry friend might appreciate being called León Amarillo or translated in English as Yellow Lion. 

Saffron: A spice that’s created from grinding up crocus flowers. Other spice themed names include Tabasco, Ginger, and Nutmeg.

Melocotón: This word means apricot in Spanish. It’s perfect for naming a kitty whose coloring is similar to an apricot. Apricot or peaches are also nice names. 


Cub: This could work well for either male or female cats who are ginger. 

Orange cat names with a floral twist include Buttercup, Marigold, and Poppy. 

Ruby: A precious red stone. Amber is orange and perfect for a female cat. Another crystal with fiery energy is the Carnelian. 

Candy,  Fanta, or Sherbet: An excellent name for a sweet kitten.

Orange cat names male

Max: This is a classic name that always works well for a pet.

Homer or Bart: From The Simpsons

Sunny: A bright and cheerful name for a happy cat.

Edison: A unique name for an orange cat.

Rio: This name has a tropical feel, perfect for an orange cat who loves to sunbathe.

Fox: A sly and cunning name for an orange cat who likes to play games.

Female orange kitten names

Rosie: A sweet and innocent name for a kitten who loves to play.

Pepper: A spicy name for a feisty kitten.

Hazel: A unique name for a beautiful kitten.

Olive: An earthy name for a playful kitten.

The history of naming pets

Naming pets has been a tradition for centuries. In ancient Rome, pet owners often named their animals after gods and goddesses. This practice continued in medieval Europe, where pet owners would give their animals biblical names or names of saints.

Today, we continue this tradition by giving our pets names that reflect their personalities or physical characteristics. Most people give their pet a name that matches their appearance, the color of their fur, or their personality. Cute names are popular, and cats are more likely to answer to short, one-syllable names.

Cat names inspired by literature

Here’s an extract from T.S. Eliot’s book, ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ which sums up the naming of cats and suggests that our pets may even have three different names! 

orange cat names

Facts about orange cats

There are a few things you should know about orange cats before you bring one into your home. Orange cats are often considered to be very friendly and sociable creatures. They love to interact with their owners and often seek out attention. This makes them popular pets. 

Orange cats are known to be very playful and active animals who love to run and play games. So if you’re looking for a fun-loving pet, an orange cat may be the perfect choice for you.

The disadvantage of getting an orange cat is that they are more likely to stray than cats of other colors. A large percentage of orange cats are males, and they will roam when looking for a mate. One record-breaking tomcat was found 900 miles away from home after being missing for a year!

Orange cats are also known to be more promiscuous and have a higher rate of feline aids than cats with other fur colors. Don’t let these facts put you off getting an orange cat or kitten. Having your cat spayed will reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring. 

Final thoughts

Cats are one of the most popular pets globally, and choosing a name can be very fun. There is an endless list of places where you could get inspiration for your new kitten’s name: books (Harry Potter has some great cat names), TV shows and movies, or even nature (I like the name, Willow or Hazel)

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